IT is a highly competitive industry and with the increase in competition, several tools are available to fight it. Now days, we can find n number of vendors offering digital marketing tools and every one offers a free trial.

Digital Marketing Tool Kit
However, the tool that you are using must be able to provide real time output. Why real time output is necessary is a matter of question? The answer lies here:

Necessity of Real Time Output:

  • Data is not of much value: A study carried out by Sybase states that Fortune 1000 companies increase their revenue by $2 billion per year with real time data. These firms actually have tonnes of resources, manpower and tools but generate very little revenue because data is less valued by people.Marketing people can know this in better way as huge heaps of data go unused and sometimes marketers actually question what this data is actually used for. There’s a particular reason as to why data is not much valued.
  • Risk in using unused data: Marketers actually do right thing by not taking any action for the unused data. The main risk is to reach to the wrong conclusion from the data analysis. The main risk is of time.Gated content is more important and plays an important role in generating maximum leads. A simple 10% increase in gated content leads to 4% increase in conversion rates. Yes, doing right things always takes time and till the time you finish writing gated content on popular topic, analyze it, know the importance of the insights, it may be the time when industry might change its focus towards new topic.
  • Real Time Tools have right Time: Proper data when used at proper time is useful in generating the desired results. Sometimes, heaps of data seems unable to be managed within stipulated time frame.Hence, the need of automated tool arises. This reduces the effort of thinking about topics, managing proper contents and finding new topics to write. So, it’s necessary to have a tool that easily understands the users’ interests and then based on those interests it directs users to get the most useful gated content.

    So, in this industry full of competition, it’s very necessary to use real time solutions that will save much of the user’s time and effort.

Next time, when you use Digital marketing and need results in time then prefer to use only those tools that actually deliver results with less use of time and money.

Wind up:

So, if you wish to know about those perfect digital marketing tools which will help you to automate the marketing process then you can get in touch with Platinum SEO, Local SEO services in Melbourne where experts are always ready to lead you a helping hand.

Make sure to choose such tools that offer real time solutions. Have something more to say about such tools then we will definitely love to hear it. Share your knowledge and spread a word about the need of relevant online marketing tools that play an important role in advancing your business.