Recently, a small update was announced in Google algorithm and from 21st April 2015, mobile friendliness will be an important ranking factor. During past few weeks, certain reports from Google Webmaster tools have shown that Mobile Usability will be added[...]
  One of the most used techniques for building websites that are able to work on mobile devices, tablets and desktop screens is responsive web design. In the near past, almost all of the websites were designed in a specific[...]
Responsive web design in practice is used for building a websites that are suitable on every screen size on every device, without matter of its size, mobile or desktop. Responsive web design is the best solution for all web designers[...]
Every time, we keep talking about creating a professional website but is this sufficient? The answer is No. You need to have a website that is able to attract buyers and get as many customers as possible. So, how will[...]
  What is Responsive Web Design? Dynamic changes in any website make it a responsive web design so that it can be used one website in any device with the same user experience. It is cost effective and a very[...]
  Do you wish to have your own website for your small business? In our opinion, the best way is to go for a Responsive web design service provider. Internet marketing has become quite popular today and we find a[...]
Business may be small or medium enterprise, it needs to maintain its reputation on the worldwide web. Does a normal business website serve this purpose or you need to have a perfect professional website. Our today’s blog describes why professional[...]