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Platinum SEO Services Melbourne

Platinum SEO Melbourne is one of the Leading SEO company in Melbourne. So, you need your business to be found right? Well that’s what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is all about. With billions of searches made every day on Google, Platinum SEO Services will help you to target anyone searching for your services or products and assist in making sure your website stands out from your competitors. With having more than 12 years of experience in digital marketing and have testimonials and case studies to show that you will be dealing with right team. We use holistic approaches to make successful campaigns for our all clients. so, for grow your business book an appointment with our  SEO expert which help you to find best solution for your business!! Join over 200 clients that trust Platinum SEO services with their organic SEO need.


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Platinum SEO Melbourne can help you with


Increase your organic website visits on search engines such as Google and Bing.


Bridge the gap between website visits and conversions with the help of our Conversion Rate Optimisation services.


Google Ads

Need immediate leads at a low investment, then Pay Per Click is for you.

Web Design

Use User Experience (UX) website designs to present your brand.


Get personalised applications for streamlining your business processes.


Enhance your customer reach with the help of a well-planned social media strategy.

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Find out more about our elite solutions. We are more than just another digital marketing agency.

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Increased organic traffic


New patient every month


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Hawthorn Ease Dental

Why Platinum SEO services

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Real time

At Platinum SEO Services Melbourne, we use white hat search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to help all our clients rank their website organically and ethically. We have more than 12 years of experience in digital marketing services across Australia.

We do not just focus on getting you on the first page of google with organic results. We at Platinum SEO Melbourne help our all clients to achieve higher conversion rates and improve User Experience and User Interface design.

We have a certified dedicated team which helps to make a tailored strategy for all our clients that will not only harmonise with Google’s algorithm, but it also helps to drive sales and leads too. Our Melbourne SEO team will do monitoring and real-time reporting for all clients every month.


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Our SEO Services Process

Here what they have said


Why Platinum SEO is best for your business?

Platinum offers the essential combination of experience and education. Our team of SEO specialists have experience in a wide range of industries, creating bespoke solutions for a range of search engine strategies. Alongside this is our commitment to ongoing education. Not only do we ensure our staff are continuously trained in best practice initiatives, but we also ensure our clients are confident in their understanding of what SEO is, what it does, and the strength it provides for businesses.

Is SEO a monthly activity or just one-off?

While there are plenty of one-off activities you can do to see improvement in your Search Engine Ranking, best practice dictates an ongoing solution in order to provide long term results. With Google and Bing regularly updating their algorithms, and query trends dictating constant changes to higher value keywords, it’s essential to see SEO as a month-to-month activity.

How long does it take you to rank a website.

The length of time it takes for a website to rank depends on a lot of factors. Are your keywords competitive? Does your domain have authority already, or is the brand entirely new? Have you ever utilised “black hat” SEO tactics in the past? On average, we see our clients ranking after around 4 months, and enjoy the increase in traffic and subsequent leads soon after.

Our SEO campaigns

Platinum SEO Melbourne offers tailored, full-service campaigns and strategies that optimally suits your needs. In order to produce consistent top rankings, we re-evaluate the strategies we take individual clients quarterly. We provide dedicated account manager for all our clients so its easy to reach any time.

Are you doing quality backlinks?

Every successful SEO campaign is backed up by the quality of its backlinks. There are multiple ways in generating backlinks, we choose high DA PA website to get quality backlinks which helps to increase domain authority for our website. Platinum SEO services mainly use the following to acquire top quality backlinks:

– Blog Contents
– Guest post
– Content marketing
– ppt Marketing
– Infographics

How much does SEO cost ?

This is usually a very common question to which we generally ask“How much do you think your business is worth investing on?”. This means that each business will have different depending on your business needs which we also look at how much work will be involved in the process. We strongly believe that each client is unique to which we cannot put a set price.

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SEO benefit ?

If you’re running a local business, get more recognition of your name and brand by using a local SEO company. By using Platinum SEO Melbourne, we will connect your ideal market with your website in bringing new customers by improving your search rankings for your website. Organic result will save your $$$ spending from any AdWords management.

How are SEO and PPC different ?

SEO main objective is to improve your organic search position or search rank on Google. Carefully mapped out SEO strategy will result in obtaining good quality organic traffic. This generally will take longer as the results are not instant, think of it as an investment towards a successful campaign.

Whereas PPC, focuses on investing a specific budget into advertising your website or product. PPC campaigns yield results sooner than your SEO campaign. Both are a crucial part to any marketing strategy. It is just a matter of which basket you want to put your eggs in.

How can I out rank my competitor

Outranking your competitors is a little like training for a marathon: Your ultimate result is not just about how you’ve performed on the day, but also the work you’ve put in, in the weeks and months before. If your goal is to outrank a competitor, you’ll need to focus on ensuring all elements of your optimisation is aligned to succeed, and forms a comprehensive strategy. Working with Platinum puts the best coach on your team, and helps you identify a realistic goal, that might even be beyond outranking a competitor.

Do we use white hat tactics?

Absolutely. Because we view SEO as a long term solution to your marketing, it’s essential for us to provide you with “white hat” tactics, to ensure no black mark is placed against your website. “Black-hat” SEO can see you penalised and your website removed from listings, which is damaging both for you and compromises our own reputation. Instead, we invest in keeping abreast of algorithm changes and aligning our tactics with approved methods.

How can I choose keywords for my business.

When working with Platinum SEO, our experts will be here to guide you on your keyword selection. We’ll present to you a comprehensive report of keywords related to your service or interest, and discuss how these can be utilised as an overarching strategy. Something we recommend for all clients is to look beyond what their competitors are ranking for, and see the opportunity of smaller, more specific keywords as part of their strategy. After all, your best keywords are the ones that give you leads, and not just traffic!

Why does my website need SEO

Search Engine Optimization is what your website needs to create more visits and in turn more sales for your business. Traffic on the internet is handled by either Google or Bing and by engaging in these search engines your website will generate more visits. Facebook being our major social networking site can also boost interest in your service or product but most of us will use search engines to discover whatever information we are wanting.

Can I do my own seo

Well, if you have the time to learn everything about SEO which includes selecting specific keywords and content for your website, then you probably could. But, with the complexity and continuous changes of SEO it’s a process best handled by a professional that would also know about what keywords and content to place on your website.

Do you guarantee front page rankings?

We are professionals at what we do and can guarantee that your website will be shown on the Front page of Google. Search engine algorithms have the final say on where your website is ranked but rest assured that our methods and process can guarantee successful rankings on Google.

Can you help business recover from google penalties?

Google penalises websites that have been cheating the system or even cutting corners in achieving a good SEO result. Penalties will undo months or even years of work but we offer penalty assessment consulting to give you the best course of action to take, for your website to bounce back
from Google Penalties.

Will you work with ecommerce site

We strongly encourage businesses to bring their eCommerce website to use, as we have ample experience in working with them to achieve great results with their campaigns. Our team is well versed with eCommerce platforms and their constituent plugins.