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AdWords Management Agency Melbourne

You’ll probably have noticed that when searching for something on Google, a list of sponsored searches and ads come up on top 3 lists which attract almost half of total clicks on the page. Through Google AdWords Management, a business can make a profit of $3.10 for every $1.70 spent on Google Ads. if you have done the right job for Google Ads your business will get an exceptional result of what you have spent. it is one of the fastest ways to generate more lead and sales for any business through online marketing.

At PlatinumSEO, we are the premier partner of Google for spending money for our clients and getting better results. Our dedicated team will help to manage your google ads account which can reduce your CPC and get more leads.

Our Ads Services

Google Adwords

Google Display Ads

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Google remarketing

What to expect from Platinum

Define your target
Regular updates & reports
Review your campaign
Optimise your Ads for location
Work within your budget
Result oriented

Our Adwords Process

Initial consultation
Keyword selection
Set up campagain
Budget allocation
Daily Monitoring

Google Adwords Case Study - Arise Solar


Reduce CPC in 2 months


Increase PPC traffic


Increase visit in 1 year

How can we help ?

More Genuine Leads

Minimize CPC

Maximum Output

Target Keywords

No Job is Small

Increase revenue


Alternative testing


We focus on growth


Dedicated manager


Can I have same keywords for both my SEO and campaign as PPC?

It really depends, as the competitiveness of keywords varies for PPC and SEO. You can choose any related keywords for your PPC campaign it could be the same as SEO or could be different. Just need to make sure the keywords you choose are most valuable.

Can I display my ads on mobile devices?

Yes, you can display your Ads on mobile devices as well.

What should my budget for AdWords be?

Your budget is depending on your business goal and your business. If you would like more clicks and more traffic, then you need to allocate your budget according to it. The most important thing for deciding the budget is efficiency vs affordability. So basically you need to allocate your budget for PPC according to your business income.

How can specify my targeting area for AdWords campaign?

Choose a targeting location is depending on your business. If you are providing services to come to your office, then your targeting location should be around your suburban area. If you have an eCommerce business or any other related business, you can target the whole country. Targeting audiences is also a major factor when you choose a location.

Can I track phone and email leads via Ad Words traffic?

Yes, you can track the phone call button, form filling using Google forwarding numbers. You can track all leads separately so it helps to identify which source is working well for your campaign.

What is CTR?

Click-through rate is a technic which helps to measure the success of your Google AdWords Campaign. CTR Is calculating by the number of clicks from Ads divided by Impression ( number of time your Ad is shown )