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Industry Experience

  • Arise Solar
  • Tree Studio
  • Biba Academy
  • Nene Chicken
  • Molboume Dentist

Platinum SEO: industry SEO Expert located at Sydney with head office at Melbourne has hands on experience in handling toughest of SEO situations and it has achieved success in rendering services which bring clients from bottom to top. This means if your business is having low online presence and you are willing to enrich it then we are here to help you. Yes, we agree; our SEO services may be a bit expensive but quality is what matters to us the most.

We deny in doing fake promises and so we only promise what we are able to deliver in time. It’s really difficult to identify the real from the fake ones but those that are really interested to deliver Organic white hat SEO Services will always first discuss with your goals and where you wish to see your company in the search results.


Begin with the current SEO situation:

We will first know where your website lies among the search results. To enhance your website’s local presence, it’s necessary to know about its current position, know the number of competitors that are ahead of you.

Then we will decide what keywords will help to boost your online presence, what SEO strategy will actually suit your business and then based on the results; a detailed SEO plan is framed keeping in mind your goals.

SEO doesn’t sum up with Rankings:

Just getting higher rankings is not enough, it’s important to get more conversions. The more conversions means more leads means increase in business revenue. So, SEO is all about increasing rankings, boosting conversions and generating as many leads as possible.

Maximum Leads result into measure your return on investment and hence you can judge whether a particular SEO strategy is actually causing you loss or helping you to earn more profit. If results are positive then the strategy can be continued but if not then it can be altered.

Our Communication is Crystal Clear:

We hate keeping secrets with our clients and so every single effort applied to boost your website’s SEO is shared with you. If any of the technique bothers you then we are happy to replace it with another one.

Your satisfaction is what we need and your smile is the real fruit of our efforts.

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