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Which review option would you like to display?


Show the review box where customers can add their review with 5 stars. NOTE: Pre-filling 5 stars no longer woks.


Will show the list of existing reviews for the business with an option to write a new review

Video Tutorial:


How do I create a Google review link?

  • Enter your business name in the search box labeled Your Business Name:
  • Pick your business from the list of entries shown in the dropdown field. Please wait a few seconds as we generate your link, then it will show below.
  • There are two option here, choose one that suits your business best:

    Option 1: Will show the review box where customers can add their review

    Option 2: Will enable you to show a list of current reviews

  • Copy the link or download the pdf using the buttons provided.
  • Send it to your customers via email or any other method.

Can I use this if I don't have an existing listing on Google Maps?

To use the review link generator you need to have an existing Google map listing for your business. If you don't have one you can create one using Google My Business. Once you create it, it can take a few days before the listing showsup in our tool.

How to create Google review link for business without address?

Platinumseoservices Google Review Link Generator's new alternate method will work with businesses without the full physical address. ( street number, street name, etc ).

How to get customers to leave a review on Google?

If a customer is really pleased with your customer service or the quality of your products, more often than not they will be happy to leave a review for your business – the tricky part is directing them at the right time. With Platinumseoservices Google Business review generator tool, you can easily generate the direct link to the review box and send it to your customers and, as a result, dramatically increase the chances of customers leaving a positive review. Below are some examples for how to get customers to leave a review:

  • If you successfully interact with a customer either face-to-face or via email, you can send them a follow up email with the Google review link included.
  • If you are helping a customer resolve an issue via live chat (if you don’t have one, check out our FREE Facebook Chat Tool), once you have resolved the issue, you can ask them to leave a review and send them the direct link.

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Are Customer Reviews Important for Local Businesses?

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