From the available number of OS, it’s difficult to examine whose usability is higher? For this we asked from the app development, Melbourne companies that which is their first choice – Android or the iOS?

The quick answer received is – “It depends on upon the rate of interest. However, the Android is simply fabulous one but still the huge money is made by the developers of iPhone and iPad”.

Ios or AndroidLet us read how the iOS developer beat the android developer regarding earning:

The development of Android application costs high as it supports multiple devices and it needs to be customized according to all. Further testing and scaling take a long time on the other hand when it’s the iOS app it doesn’t take a long time as it is powered only for the Apple devices. While designing the Android app from pricing to software and hardware fragmentation of all is required on the other hand the iOS developer manufactures all the devices of its own. The recent report states that the earning of the iOS is 6 times more than the Android.

But the question is- “Will iOS be always a leading winning one?” In this context, the Melbourne app developers state that – when it comes to customer acquirement, Android has got the largest market coverage. About 79% of peoples worldwide are using the Android Smartphone.

A new surprise package is launched by the Google named Marshmallow that brings immense joy and well-justified functions. It could also be named as the Android 6.0. It is going to come up with few excellent features that will surely change the graph and give a tough competition to the iOS developers.

Few of the leaked features are:

•   The low battery consumption – Doze feature that does not restrict the functionality

•   A complete digital assistance of Google by the Marshmallow Android

•   Faster search ad vertical listing that makes the app search easier through scrolling and enhanced function of the App Drawer from the Android 5.0

•   Most used the app on the top of the app list that brings convenience and quick operation.

•   Voice search through a tap on Google that reacts according to the words.

The app developers, in Melbourne, says the number of companies are joining and looking for the expert Android app developers that will make the Android as the first choice for the development. It makes a tough competition between the Apple and Google. Further the gadgets like Android smart watch at an affordable price has given a positive response and this gear up the competition.

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