In this article, SEO agencies Melbourne would address the current state of local SEO and would give you some tips to win the local SEO game.

Google has never been consistent and is always changing. The most recent change brought ads that displayed in 3 pack of local results. Since Google removed sidebar ads, you need to scroll down the page to show the local results.

Local SEO is more competitive and confusing these days. It is important to look for your primary goals and local SEO would help you to get higher ranking in the search results.

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The effort business owners put into local SEO has changed over the years. Ranking does not mean everything. There are multiple ways of searching. Some users may not click on the first result and click on the third one. They may check reviews and then go to another site for reviews. There are more data points that can be analyzed and some we may not be able to do, as we do not have access to data. Correlation is not causation in our industry.

According to SEO experts with high majestic AC Rank have a strong correlation with high local rankings. The number of referring IP’s has the high correlation with strong local rankings.

Top ranking factors are:

  • Locations with many reviews seem to rank higher

If you did a lot of local searches, you would notice that businesses without many reviews or lesser reviews than their competitors would certainly rank higher. Local listings with reviews tend to have more clicks.

  • Profile views correlate with higher rankings

If you are new to SEO, you may have seen click through rates studies. This seems to be a measurable correlation as results that are clicked more gives you a higher ranking. You can see why reviews are important and how it correlates with a higher ranking. You should always click your client’s website in local results on the page while searching.

  • Majestic AC Rank have higher correlation

There are tons of backlink measuring tools available in the market. It would be good to compare all the tools to get a better sample. Link tool does not detect every link that Google does. Google itself has the essential resources for web indexation.

About 70% of top correlation ranking factors involve link signals. You should never believe in posts like Seo is dead, etc. Links carry a tremendous amount of weight. Moving the needle in competitive firms also requires good quality links.The points missing from all the above factors are citations and website landing page factors. The overall study had great insights of SEO agencies Melbourne. We would suggest you to check it yourself and dig into it whenever you get a chance. To stay ahead of the competition, follow the few tips.

Take into consideration that tools are not 100% accurate. Get your Google my business listing optimized and make sure that your listings adhere to Google.If you rank organically for keywords, you need to do a lot of work. Do not rank organically for keywords if your site deserves to and ranks organically.

If you have major outlying issues, get it fixed first. If you are not ranking in top 20 results for keywords in the local finders, this article would help you to reach that position. You just need to ensure that you don’t have any underlying problem with your website or listing. If you are sure that you are doing everything right, follow it or you can take the help to approach of expert SEO agencies Melbourne. Platinum SEO services have experts who take you to the entire right path. They take full ethical and professional responsibility to avoid spamming results and report those who behave badly. Hire them today!!