SEO, as we know is the booming field of IT industry. It is the main pillar of online marketing. Nowadays, people make various SEO strategies to boost their marketing on the internet. So, in the race to adopt advanced SEO techniques, companies often leave the fundamentals behind.

Always remember to take care of basic fundamentals – Keyword Search, the main key area of SEO. Updating keywords on regular basis is the key to get good visibility on the search engines. We can see that very few can do relevant keyword research.

Writing articles of 500 words seems to be the most common way people adopt to boost their online presence but apart from content length, keywords are the main things that must be focused on and as per some SEO experts, main keywords must be targeted over long tails.
Now, what these Long tails are? Let’s discuss something about them here. We can see people are very careful about main keywords. There are various keyword tools available to know such competitive keywords which when used are surely to increase the traffic.

Certain useful tools like Google Keyword tool, provides various similar matches to one single keyword. However, it must be taken care that only the main keyword must be used to search the similar terms as usage of whole sentences is not going to provide any results.

Now, this is the long tail i.e. typing complete sentences or phrases as keywords to find an item on internet. For instance, where can I get best Internet Marketing Services in India?

Long tail Keywords- Money Generators:

Such keywords help you to get maximum rankings as enormous people type various sentences instead of just small keywords. Long tail keywords are those that really drive money into your bank accounts. When we want to buy something, we really don’t search with small words like “ Internet marketing services” instead we search using various phrases or sentences like Cheap Internet Services India, where can I get best online marketing strategy developed and much more like that.

This means we use long tail keywords to search for anything we need. Long tail keywords are much easy to get higher rankings. Even if those are searched only five times in a month, they can still convert these searches into buyers because this is the actual word buyers usually type.

How to use Long tail Keywords:

Content is the place where we can include such long tail keywords as some keyword tools can’t provide you such ideas and such phrases that a human being uses to search anything on internet, some tools don’t think like humans.

So, the main points of Basic SEO Fundamentals

  • Think like a living being
  • Write huge big descriptive contents including long tailed keywords.
  • Think as if you are the buyer, it takes enough practice to do so.

Search engines like Google take long tail keywords from your content that will usually help you to get better rankings and this in turn generates more buyers.

Wrap up:

We hope that you really enjoyed today’s SEO tips shared by our SEO experts and for more such in depth SEO techniques , be in touch with Our Melbourne Based SEO Company – Platinum SEO; one stop solution for updated SEO techniques to improve your business.