If you are looking to start an online business that it is necessary for you to know about beginner guide to SEO from the Best SEO Melbourne. Have you ever wondered what does SEO stands for? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  Now, what does optimizing means? If your website is better optimized then google will find you easily. You must add content in your website to gain traffic to your website and this will ensure that your online presence is optimized.

Now, what are the things you must keep in mind to optimize better, let check it out here.

Research Keywords

The first step that you must take for Search Engine Optimization is researching keywords. Check which keywords are frequently searchd by the people?  Now build topic based on those keywords and you will find that it will be easy to rank a website on the Google pages.

There are various types of keywords finder available for free; you can seek for those keywords finder.

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Include Pictures with Keywords

Apart from the text for better optimization pictures and video plays a significant role. So, make sure to include either of the two or both in your post. Before you upload the picture on your website rename it so that it contains the targeted keywords.

The step does not end here; you have a lot to do. Once you upload the picture you must add alt as well as description text for each of the picture you upload. So, after you have finished the above-mentioned step you must consider filling the alt section and description section with targeted keywords and that is what best SEO Melbourne advices.

The Title Must Contain the Keyword

So, every post will have a little title and it is worth mentioning that the title must contain the specific keyword. The closer you put the keyword at the beginning of the title the better it will contribute towards optimization.

Keywords in the First Sentence

Just like you have included keywords in the first para, in the same way, you must include it in the last para or last sentence. So, at the end of the article, you must consider placing the keyword in the last paragraph. But placing it is the last sentence is even better.

All these you must keep in mind and for better optimization, you can seek for best SEO Melbourne.