In our previous post, we discussed about reusing old content and using it to get maximum rankings. We also discussed about various ways of reframing the older content and now here we will see one another way i.e. making use of repurposed content.

Yes, repurposed content is yet another way to make most use of old content and hence this is widely used however this leads to thinking whether this can affect rankings or not? If yes, then how?

Here, in this blog post; we will take a look at how useful repurposed content is and what impact it has on rankings?

So, stay tuned and read ahead to unveil the secret:

Repurpose Content

To what extent is Repurposed content recommended?

Yes, we all agree that Google penalizes duplicate content and hence no one will ever want to create a new blog post or website section with same text or metadata which appears somewhere else.

Organized content with canonical tags are free from any danger. Google is very well aware about the old content and hence it ignores others. Old content can be used in various forms and hence transform your asset into something that can help you earn.

We can say that every blog post can be easily transformed into video, infographic, slides or podcast. This way one can enhance the digital footprints and get new audiences. When it comes to repurposing the content, podcast is very powerful.

These are preferred the most by those who love to surf internet even on the go and also those who don’t have time to sit and read your blog at ease. It’s very easy, just read the blogs and record them in a very friendly, personal manner.

Various tools are available online that can be used to record your content, share it and increase your audience. One such tool is Anchor. The best example of repurposed content is Jay Today

This repurposed content is available everywhere i.e. iTunes, LinkedIn, Medium, author’s own blog and more.

How to make most use of all the content that you have created?

Make sure to boost the life cycle of every single content that you create. It’s ok to have very few new contents and still you will have a better chance to stay ahead and get good links. Always focus on quality and make most use of every opportunity that you can see in your archives section.

If you really wish to get hold of ROI then recreation of the content, upgrading and updating is important. Promoting this updated content will give you maximum benefits. This will help you to spend less and get more out of the things that are already there on your site.

Conclusion: Use old content without any fear, make most use of it and it will help you to improve your SEO rankings and reach to new audience. If you want to get assistance from experts then you can always get in touch with one of the well known SEO Agencies Adelaide who will easily help you to make most use of the content that is already available on your site.

Connect with them today and save as many bucks as you can by creating few new contents.