Some of the people started writing blogs actually before the word “blog” existed. Once the blog started becoming familiar then it was like an online journal. People used to write about several topics on daily basis.

But are these all read by viewers? Some bloggers due to lack of viewers actually stop blogging. Well, it’s not that people don’t see or view your blogs; it’s they don’t respond. Yes, there are readers wh enjoy your writing but never tend to promote it.

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So, this doesn’t mean that your blog is not seen by anyone but actually it is read by people but they don’t show it. Now, if this is the situation then how will you know who loves your blogs and how can you boost your blog lovers to promote it too or do something that shows they actually read your blog.

Yes, you spend thousands of hours on writing and when it is not spread then how you do feel? We can understand this feeling and so this blog post from Platinum SEO, Local SEO in Melbourne highlights some of the tips that actually help you to drive more customers who will actually love to promote your brand.

Tips to Convert Readers into Promoters:

Do you feel that your audience should get engaged with your content and actually promote it? Then there are some of the activities that will help you to do so and these are as follows:

  1. Surveys are important tools to know your Readers’ Desire: Why people must share your content? What’s their benefit? The content will be shared by people for few main reasons:
    • Developing Relationships
    • Entertainment
    • Self Satisfaction
    • Assisting any Cause.

    Create some surveys to know the desire of your readers. Prepare a mailing list and then send surveys to them, take a follow up with responders.

    Write the content that readers actually love to read. One can also make use of survey promoting systems which will deliver your surveys to people and asking them to rate you from 1- 10 and based on the responses; you can know the popularity of your content.

  2. Add Some Conflict or Drama: Most of the blogs directly display the topic or provide the required information which is not much effective. A blog must be as interactive as possible. These should be engaging and to make them interactive; bloggers must use various facts and data related to the topic.Yes, apart from this; try to make your blogs more interesting by including stories as well as dramas. Stories and dramas always stick people to the blog. One can include personal stories or the problems that you faced and how you got their solutions.
    Relate yourself to the blog and show you came out of the situation and how people can also do so?What can you do to make your blog more interactive?

    • Collect 20 hopes, dreams, fears of your readers.
    • Be prepared with a set of minimum 20 stories as well as personal anecdotes showing the goal achievement or overcoming any problematic situation.

    Last but not the least; don’t forget to ask people to share your content if you really want to do so.

Wind up:

Blogging is a good hobby as well as a very well adopted way to reach to the target audience. It is one of the most effective ways of Content marketing. Following these above mentioned tips will definitely help you to get more readers who can be good brand promoters.

Found any of the tips apart from these? Then do share them with us.