SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a method that is used to structure and phrase out any type of written online content for greater visibility on different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If the process is done correctly, then SEO will bring in better results for your site through increased sales, better brand awareness, and greater conversion rate. It is thus wise to use an effective SEO strategy implemented by most of the SEO agencies at Melbourne which will not only help in getting a better rank in the search engines but also improve your online presence.

SEO Strategies Implemented

SEO Strategies Implemented

Below are some of the tricks that I have researched and learned about which will definitely help all those trying to implement SEO on their respective websites.

  • Use the tools wisely

Google Analytics is considered to be a great and useful tool since it informs you the total number of visitors that have visited your site through Google. They do lack in giving information about the links being clicked or not but knowing how many visitors have come is rather more important. The most important thing to worry about is the number of clicks that you receive rather than which links have been clicked on your home page. So, another option that you can use is the “Google My Business tool”. It is a free tool that is mostly used by businesses to manage their online presence via Google including Search and Maps.

So, all you need to do is to use this tool and click the section called “Insights” which informs you about the number of times a listing was viewed along with how many other clicks were being made to the website, contact numbers and how many driving direction requests were placed. However, such data is kept only for 3 months and not more than this. The next step is to then log into the profile on this tool and replace the website link with a new URL so that the Analytics feature then tracks your visitors independently.

  • Use proper listings and keywords to represent your business

Google has now become strict pertaining to rules and regulations for businesses trying to represent themselves in this digital era. This means that they have the power to take down or modify your listings that use a wrong name or possess wrong information. Remember that businesses cannot have any type of extra information added. Many of the businesses are unaware about this and they end up breaking the rules. If the keywords used are closely integrated to the business name then there are higher chances that the business appears more often.

To keep your competitors in line and make it clear for Google Maps to understand the keywords, try using the feature called “Suggest an edit” and submit the necessary corrections. You can also flag the duplicate listings and locations that do not match the business name. It is thus advisable that you use this power and guidelines in a clear way of scrutinizing your competitors. Remember, that every edit made by you will be verified by Google so only make an edit if it is incorrect.

So, these are some of the modern strategies used in 2017 by most of the SEO companies today!


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