Many business owners think they have perfect SEO website however still they lack the traffic needed to get more sales and leads. There are many minute things in SEO and every website lacks one or another.

This is the reason why 99% accurate websites also lack in traffic, these are nothing but some common SEO mistakes that are really easy to fix. Certain free SEO audit tools are available to identify SEO mistakes in the website and then get them rectified. After evaluating the complete website SEO audit, several changes can be made to make it more SEO Friendly.

Few Ways to Fix SEO mistakes:

  • Website Page title too long: If the page title is more than 70 characters then it is considered to be long. Page title is the one that is displayed on the top of the browser window and it’s the page title that is shown in Google search results.

    This tells people what the page is all about and in case the title is too long then search engines cannot reduce it. Hence, making the page title short will help you to get the important keywords noticed in the search results.

  • No inclusion of real keywords in Page Title: An important factor in search engine rankings is the similarity between words in page title and keywords of the search terms. Never write a page title like an advertisement because those keywords will not be the actual keywords.

    Hence, Page title must contain all those keywords that are used as search terms by visitors. These keywords can be easily available by using keyword search tools.

  • Meta Description: Meta description of any page is seen under the page search results. These are cut off by search engines if they are too long i.e. exceeding 150 characters. So, ensure that meta description should not be more than 150 characters.

    Solution is to develop meta description which gives important details that are not included in page titles however it is a short description of 150 characters or less.

  • Few Ways to Fix SEO mistakes

  • Is it necessary that every page must have new keyword? Every page inside your website is a way to identified among the huge crowd over the internet. So, every page must contain different page titles and relevant page keywords so that it can be found easily.

    Create a list of separate keywords for every page and then identify how that page is unique from others and then those keywords must be used to reach the target audience. Here, keyword research tools can be used to ensure that particular keywords are seen often in the search results among the competition.

  • Is it necessary to renew domain at regular intervals? If the domain is registered for few years then it shows your commitment of staying in the business. Search engines always check your domain age as domain renewal is the key factor to identify whether the page is spammy or not. Websites having domain registration for more years get a good SEO post and pages are more likely to get higher rankings.
  • Proper use of CSS and HTML: It’s important to understand the use of CSS and HTML. HTML will be the content of the webpage and CSS is for page layout. Pages having information related to their layout in HTML can make it easy for search engines to find relevant keywords and other necessary information from the pages.

    So, always add layout related code in CSS and concentrate more on HTML content.

  • Make use of ALT tags for Images: Search engines cannot read the images and for their better understanding it’s necessary to use ALT tags with which images can be easily associated so that search engines can easily understand the images.

    Hence, assign the ALT tags to all of the pictures as this will help in boosting SEO of the website as well as it makes the page more reader friendly.

  • Make use of ALT tags for Images

  • Measure your Conversion Form: Website owners fail to understand this. Conversion forms must ask only the required details and no unnecessary questions must be available. Conversion forms are used to generate leads and so it must be up to the mark as too much lengthy forms can actually irritate the customers.

    Hence, only consider asking for the actual information like as name, email address and more. Few details can help visitors to finish form quickly and thus get more customers.

Wind up:

If you solve these small SEO mistakes and try to improve them slowly then chances of getting maximum rankings get increased. Hence, always do a SEO check of your website at regular intervals and try to keep it up to date.

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