SEO plays an important role when it comes to the marketing of a website. To make sure that SEO is implemented appropriately, it is essential to hire the best SEO companies and strategies available in the market. The best strategy comprises of certain fundamental elements that form the vital part of a website. The presence of such elements is vital and should be focused upon to achieve 100% results. To enlighten you on the elements so SEO, we have brought a short guide below.

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Element 1: Domain Name

Register your domain name with at least one of the keywords used for optimization of the website. This will help you increase the ranking of your domain name on the searches made by the users. Experts suggest that the domain name should be unique so that redundancy can be avoided.

Element 2: URLs

URL is the address of the website. Implementing SEO on a URL helps search engines to understand the content of your webpage better hence increasing the traffic to your website. Choose a URL that matches the page title. For example, a URL for an SEO can be ‘creative-SEO-content-service-melbourne.html’.

Element 3: Page Titles

A page title is responsible for telling the search engine purpose of the website and it also directs the user to the website. Hence it is essential to choose a relative page title that matches the keywords.

Element 4: Meta Description

Every webpage has a unique Meta description that sums up what the webpage is all about. This is the part where you can be creative to attract more and more users. Platinum SEO, a renowned SEO firm in Melbourne, Australia has a team of creative writers who are of great help when it comes to content creation for the search engine optimization Melbourne. Hiring them is the best decision to take and it can significantly have an impact on the ranking of a webpage.

Element 5: Keywords

Keywords are the essential part of an SEO strategy. A search engine ranks a website in the top listings when the density of the keyword is between 2 to 6 times in every 100 words. This critical element should thus be taken care of by hiring SEO experts on the job.

Element 6: Internal Links

Internal links are the links that direct you to other pages of the same website. A descriptive internal link is preferable than the general ‘click here’ and ‘see more’ tags. Suggest the same to your coders such that it can be used across the website, facilitating an increase in conversion and sales rate.

Element 7: Code

The code written for the SEO should be crisp and accurate for a better ranking in the search results. The search engines may not display the website in the top listings if the code is poorly written with multiple errors. All such aspects are taken care of by the experts, and they ensure to draft and use the code properly.

Element 8: Building Links from other Websites

The link to your website appearing on other quality websites and web pages can increase the popularity of your website and hence increase traffic to your website. Quality websites should be preferred for building links rather than concentrating on appearing on each website. An SEO expert’s advice on this matter can help you largely and help achieve high ranking on search engines.


Search engine optimization Melbourne can prove to be extremely fruitful if the above-mentioned elements are thoroughly taken care of. Platinum SEO has a team of experienced professional experts who are competent in building SEO strategy and providing results to individuals or companies they have always been aspiring for.