Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gained a lot of popularity after the search engine, Google has arrived. In a simple way, we can define SEO as a method where the webmasters can increase traffic towards them through different search engines with rules. This is rather important because most of the website traffic is generated only through these search engines. Hence, it is very important that your website needs to be listed in the top of the search results for the precise keywords that match your website. And all this is done only with the motive to generate traffic to your website. As one of the most important rules, it is stated that the top ten listings receive a huge bulk of traffic and this is where your website gets the ranking. Where the others just remain and this this is where SEO comes in. Thus, it is necessary for all the SEO Experts at Melbourne out there to keep the following tips in mind before you complete the process of SEO for any website.

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Some tips to Remember

Following is a certain set of rules that you can quickly cross check to know if any of the following things are left to complete before you finish off the entire process of SEO.

  • Don’t ever forget to leave the title tag blank since it contains the text that has to be clicked in the search engine results.
  • Remember that your title tag should have some more content apart from your site’s name and thus it is advisable that you can add in a few keywords.
  • Use the header tags well because it lets the search engine identify what text is really important for your web page. In case you want the headers to look different then you can manage it through these headers.
  • Try to fill up your Meta tags completely but always remember that you need not go out of your way for this.
  • Do not forget to add the alternate text to all the image tags which make it easy to search an image.
  • Make sure that you add short descriptive titles to all the links and images that are used in the title tags. These titles are then displayed when the user places the cursor on top of the link or image.
  • If you want good ranks to be generated in Google then try exchanging links in case you have similar sites. And I am sure this tip here will help your website to get more traffic than expected.
  • No process of SEO should be complete without a site index page. This makes it easy for the search engines to find a particular page on your website.
  • Once you have a discovered a keyword that sounds important for your website, try to use it on the web page that needs to be targeted at least 3 to 6 per cent times.

Looking at the above rules it is very important that you need to pay proper attention and not trying tricking these search engines. Remember this important rule that you will be fined for using keywords that are not relevant to your site. SEO has never been difficult as it seems. I hope the above content will help you to not miss anything when you are on the verge of completing the SEO process.


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