One of the questions that many marketing managers ask themselves is how to choose SEO agency. It is not an easy task, mainly because of the number of actors that exist in the market and because of the difficulty in quantifying the results of this discipline. That is, while there are services that can be observed more easily when comparing agencies, such as web design and development, social media or actions that involve creativity, others, such as SEO, are quite intangible, which means a plus of difficulty when comparing between different agencies. There is no absolute truth that tells us how to choose SEO agency, but there are a number of recommendations that should be taken into account in the marketing departments of companies wishing to hire SEO Agencies Adelaide to take care of their positioning strategy in search engines. These are listed as below.

Strategic vision

Make sure that it is a digital agency that knows your market and is able to provide a strategic point of view on it, as well as on your product. The experience shown in your market is a plus that you should evaluate, since, although this experience has not been developed on the SEO service, the general knowledge acquired can easily be extrapolated. However, you may not have experience and have studied the market, so the presentation is your opportunity to know if the agency has understood your product and your specific needs in the market. His capacity for strategic vision is the first point that should be considered when considering how to choose hires SEO Agencies Adelaide.

Knowledge of the sector

It is important that the marketing agency that you choose has knowledge of the sector to which your brand belongs and that its solvency has been demonstrated from various cases of success in SEO positioning. The knowledge of the sector does not necessarily have to be acquired through positioning tasks in search engines, since it is a global vision that can be acquired through the execution of digital marketing works in other fields.

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SEO experience

The experience is a degree. Before deciding on a marketing agency that offers SEO services, you must ensure the degree of experience of the same, which has to do with the actual trajectory reflected in your credentials, success stories and current clients, whose weight as companies and degree of permanence in the agency will be sufficient argument to understand the true entity of the agency studied. The success stories are also a good indicator of the solvency of the agency. It is convenient to study them carefully to know the results achieved with previous brands, whether or not in our same sector.


Search engine positioning tasks are related to other disciplines, so to understand how to choose SEO agency is also to study if the digital marketing agency offers technical consulting services and web analytics, as well as creating and writing content or public relations for some appropriate SEO strategies on-site and SEO off-site. To better understand how to choose SEO agency it is a plus to know that they have an internal development team, as well as a design team.

Continuous adaptation

Few scenarios in digital marketing are as changeable as SEO. Google, in its search for excellence when it comes to offering its search results, constantly introduces changes in its algorithms. This means that what yesterday worked today may not be valid to position or even could penalize. The appearance of new devices, new search modes and technologies, or even the detection of problems associated with a bad search experience (such as high load times in mobile or intrusive advertising) move Google to take concrete actions. Therefore, it is important that the SEO agency that you choose is up to date with all the news and be able to adapt to changes with sufficient agility.


The degree of knowledge and use of tools that an agency has is decisive when facing the question of how to choose SEO agency. In the market there are numerous tools that help improve the SEO of our website, but it is necessary to know how to identify the most appropriate ones and give more coverage to each of our needs, from keyword research or analysis of back links, to the realization of a positioning tracking. A good tool in inexperienced hands will not help at all, only those SEO Agencies Adelaide that have an expert SEO team will give you a guarantee of deep knowledge at the service of your strategy through the implementation of effective tactics.

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