Google made its update of Penguin from 2.1 to 3 very frequently and many peoples were affected by it. Many people quit the update of Penguin after going through it and it is well displayed in the graphs below:

Penguin 3.0 Graph

Truth behind name

Naming everything is necessary as it helps in making identification and when some update is made by the end of Google of course everyone think it must be a big thing. Sometimes, the update is big and sometime it must be small, it can be a code update too. Well Panda has got approximately 25 changes, but a name is only for classification not for indicators of the scope.

Is the Penguin update small

Penguin 3.0 was not successful as it didn’t reach the expectation. The Penguin 4 came with a latest refreshed date and an algorithm update. However, it is exhibited that Penguin 1.0 had a much more extensive, and potentially substantially more negative, effect on SERP than Google trusted it would and many persons think they’ve really attempted to settle and redesign the Penguin calculation adequately. And many people are following the Penguin update to recover the site according to Google update.

Noisy data

Without the algorithm updates the website was getting very messy and it became very important to separate the thing which was not an easy task so SERP keeps on changing every next day. With the every updated algorithm the thinks get tough for the websites. Here is the comparison:

SERP Comparison Graph

Does the slow changes adds problem

There are tools available that helps to examine the changes made in the next seven days. The changes are detectable and can be made reachable to the persons Google is doing this more often. The small changes made by Google let the downfall in Penguin.

Wrong use of keywords

The Penguin was a failure in catching the things having wrong keyword, spelling mistake that leads to failure in maintenance of Google data. Google AdWords gives the sample keywords which are helpful for the commercial sector. The Keywords are sorted and split according to the country like UK and US users. The sites suffered by Penguin are now maintained by SEO specialist, with the multiple views.

Choose Right Keywords for Your Website
The “Web & Telecom” class, at the highest point of the one-day readings, generally runs a bit above normal, so it’s difficult to say, given the little information set, if this temperature is significant.

Effect of wrong metrics

There are many methods available to measure the flux and measuring of data is not compulsory is the sample is corrected and genuine as per Google norms.

This metric is position- and heading rationalist, which is to say that a move from #1 to #3 is the same as a move from #9 to #7 (they’re both +2). Any watchword that drops off the rankings is a +10 (paying little respect to position), and any given decisive word can score a change from 0-100. This metric, which I call “Delta100”, is generally straightly changed by taking the square root, bringing about a metric called “Delta10”.

According to measurements are focused around taking the normal temperature over the set of Serps being referred to the issue is that, it for the most part depends on specific suspicions, including information that is generally dispersed.

Wind Up:

Google keeps on updating its algorithm versions and so we are here to share the same knowledge with our visitors. Stay in touch with Platinum SEO, one of the well known SEO Agencies in Melbourne to remain updated with the SEO industry updates.