The practices of your website keep changing all the time. Website owners need to conduct regular assessment of their website such that they can ensure and inquire on what adjustments are required and which can help their website to gain popularity in the market. If your website is not properly optimised then it will surely miss out the traffic from potential buyers or traffic coming from search engines. To enable companies to make the most of their websites and yield sufficient profits, below mentioned steps should be carried out on SEO audit for the website.

Check your website page optimisation

One of the ways of doing website audit is by quickly checking your website page optimisation. It may take some time to build back links, SEO performance and website tweaks to help optimise a webpage. You can start your website audit by identifying the improvement areas on your website like finding keyword stuffing. You can look for a suitable SEO package, which provides services related to SEO keywords, title tags, page quality, meta-description and content quality.

SEO Audit

Check broken links or dead web pages

You must avoid any broken links or down web pages (page not found errors) on your website, and if you find some, it is better to get them deleted or removed from your website. Performance of SEO audit will help you identify such pages and take corrective actions at the earliest. If your website runs as an e-commerce website then you must install and check broken links that can notify broken links. You can also take services from SEO expert teams who can help you identify and take corrective actions.

Indexing your website

Another important thing to ensure in your website is by checking that your website remains indexed by search engines. Search engine robots keep checking websites that whether their content is properly indexed and not missing any link. This critical step should be performed at the time of auditing. One can make use of online tools and check if their website content can be accessed correctly or not.

Examine your link profile and compare it with your competitors

After finishing optimising your website elements, you need to check your back link profile and check the quality of links pointing to your website. One should make a note that it plays a major role in improving your web content.  Running the same assessment of your competitors can give you the opportunity for future changes in your website. Do make sure that this process is included in your audit.

Test your website speed

Your website speed also plays an important role as per SEO audit. The page load time and average website speed plays a key role and should be checked properly. To find out whether your website is fast, you must analyse your website load and make suggested changes for improvements. You may need a technical expertise in checking your website and making changes. All these steps should be taken before so that your website can perform maximum to its potential and help you reap profits.


If you are finding difficulty in getting proper SEO audit of your company, then you need to ensure that your website is properly optimised according to SEO standards. Hiring proper audit services and taking right SEO package from a renowned company can help identify the gaps in SEO and further devise ways to improve them. Platinum SEO services is one of the best companies that can help in performing SEO audit and improve your website ranking by improving and working on all the SEO parameters.