Are you wondering what metrics to use to demonstrate value to your client? With the help of local SEO package, you can get the best SEO outcome according to your business objectives.

Local SEO Package

  • Measuring results is a critical component of any SEO campaign

There are many variables in an SEO campaign. A successful campaign relies on the control system to ensure that work delivers the best results. Key performance indicators (KPI) acts as a control system and allows you to identify what is working and provides SEO with an early warning system if something moves the needle as expected. KPIs provide a mean to illustrate success to your clients. SEO KPIs like keyword ranking and metrics can be useful for you but your client should increase sales and leads and not improve positions in Domain authority.

Here is how you can increase your KPIs with the help of local SEO package:

  • Objective

To measure SEO success more accurately, you should know what you want to achieve and the steps involved in it. If you follow a structured methodology for creating a digital marketing plan, identify objectives for your business and marketing. This allows clear demonstration on how activities an undertaken with the SEO campaign helps you to move towards business objectives. You may tie KPIs to business objectives and talk in a language that the decision makers can understand. Keyword ranking is important, but an increase in sales from SEO or the lower cost per lead for SEO v/s PPC can illustrate the value of organic and work you are doing. KPIs are connecting tissue between business goals or objectives and SEO work you do.

  • Analysis paralysis

We have a great deal of data now. Analysis software like Google Analytics explains bounce rate or frequency to the board that results in blank stares and disengagement. Decision makers need to understand that lesser data means more clarity. While SEO or analyst can deep dive, they focus on key information that businesses use to validate and make better decisions on marketing budgets. If you confuse your customer, you may lose them.

  • SEO KPIs for an agency

The Importance of KPIs for an agency is to ensure that work you do is moving as per your client. SEO is highly complex and what works for one business may not for another. Factor in all the variables and measure the results of each tactic implemented. Do not assume that a certain type of link that worked for one job will deliver for another.

KPIs should provide you early warning system if SEO campaign is not delivering. If you do not see expected results, you have to dive in and understand its reason. It is always better to contact the client and let them know that things are going as they needed rather than pulling up the project for another six months. All historical problems and penalties hinder your work. Identify your potential issues and determine strategies for them. Use KPI to measure, review and refine your approach.

Reporting and client retention needs clear communication like guest blog posting, digital PR, etc. Rankings offered by local SEO Package isnot sufficient and do not mean more business in any way. Add more connective tissue to relate your reporting to stated goals of business. Make sure that your tactics is improving the bottom line for your customers and moves them to their strategic goals. For more details, contact Platinum SEO services.