Recently, three days back Google launched its new mobile friendly algorithm and this has led an importance of the website’s mobile friendliness. Till today, mobile friendliness was not given much importance.

Most of the business owners ignored it but now if you ignore this, you are in loss because your website rankings can go down to an extent. So, now every business owner will consider this as top priority and make sure that its website is clearly visible, properly readable on mobile devices.

Well, before optimizing your website for mobile devices. Let’s take a look at some of the SEO rules that will help to make your website mobile friendly.

Google Algorithm Updates

New Google SEO Rules:

  • Always Calculate your Mobile Share: Identify the amount of traffic arriving from mobile users. This can be easily seen by checking the Google Analytics for device statistics and identify how many visits are there from mobile devices.If you find 10% of your visits from mobile visits then it is mandatory for you to have a mobile optimized website or we can say responsive website. This makes it easy for visitors to get completely engaged with you.

    On the other hand, if your website has less than 10% of traffic then it’s likely because your website is not mobile friendly and so it drives away potential users. Hence, in either way it’s recommended for you to develop responsive websites so as to get seen among top Google search results.

  • Check your site with Google’s Mobile Friendly Tool:It’s necessary to find out how optimized your site is. This can be done easily with the help of Google’s Mobile Friendly tool. Just type your website URL and Google will let you know up to what percent your website is actually mobile friendly.If it fails to pass the test then Google will offer a list of recommendations to make your website mobile friendly. Sometimes, chances are such that your website is actually mobile friendly but Google is unable to recognize it and this is possible when Google bots are unable to define your site as mobile friendly.
  • Make maximum use of all tools: With several tests and tools that are offered by Google, website can be made a better one without even with a need of any expert. There are several ways to identify certain aspects of website like as speed, loading time etc.If you wish to have a complete breakdown of your needs then you can easily compare yourself and identify the percentage of mobile as well as desktop users.
  • Optimizing your website: In case your website fails the mobile friendly test then Google shows you some recommendations and these may be issues related to small text, links being too close, content not as per the screen size and many more.Focusing on these issues will make it easy for you to optimize your website for mobile devices. These issues can be fixed via manual changes or by just updating your website template or the Word Press theme.
  • How does your site rank? If your website has low mobile rankings this means a lot more is to be done and once these changes are rolled out, you can see that your website is affected by the Google algorithm. Further it can also reduce your chances of being visible on the internet in the first place.

Wind up:

Hence, follow these rules and make sure that your website is mobile friendly in order to get proper SEO rankings. So, now Google mobile algorithm is out and hence you need to keep yourself updated.

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