While making any purchase of product or service, the customer takes all the precautionary measures and so does the company while selling it. However the product or the service sometimes do not match the expectation of the client, in traditional method of buying the buyer will have to visit the seller and make a complaint and the action is taken accordingly either by replacing the product or be repairing the product. However, with the tremendous increase in online purchase, the process of returning and replacing has become very quick to facilitate the client.

Whether, online or traditional method of shopping the process remains the same the only difference is the freedom of writing the reviews and rating the product or service. Online reviews are of great importance. The more and better the reviews the better conversion rate your site will get.  The best part of ecommerce is that you get many visitors to your online store irrespective of time and location. However, the difficult part of online business is converting the visitors into real time sales. This is done through optimizing conversion rate. You can hire SEO Professional in Melbounre to do the task.

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The conversation rate is the ratio of total number of conversions/ total number of visitors. In order to increase the conversion rate is becomes important that the maximum number of visitors is converted to sales. In order to do that the business owners does everything to make sure the site provides something to the visitor to hold on to the site for a longer period of time or until he makes his mind to but the product or service the site is dealing in.

Online reviews are considered the best in increasing the conversion rate. The reason behind is that the online reviews indicates your online reputation trustworthiness. When these conversion numbers are not as per expectation, the marketers and business owners will start implementing different ideas to increase their conversion rate.

User reviews play an important role and hence can be said that they are changing the way businesses were done.   Here are some interesting stats pertaining to online reviews:

  • Online reviews are considered as trusted as we would trust our relatives or friends opinion. 72% of internet users agree to this point
  • Before buying any product or service, 61% of buyers read the reviews
  • Site with user reviews tends to get more sales, 63% of consumers prefer having reviews on the site from where they buy.
  • 50 plus reviews per product can get you a 4.6% increase in conversion rates of your site

Hence, in order to increase the conversion rate and get the business you desperately require, you need to take care of your online reviews. If the online reviews are on the positive side then it will strengthen your business reputation online. That is the reason you will find messages from companies from whom you purchase product or services to rate and review them online. Good reviews enhance your brands creditability and attract more users, giving your company a leading edge over the competitor.

In order to get this done you need to hire best professional for job. SEO professionals in Melbourne are well verse with the system and technology that will take you way forward.