If you want to rank your website on search engines, like Google, one of your main sources for ranking will be links. However with Penguin updates Google is punishing all website that have built poor links to their sites. However if you can build good amount of links you will rank on Google for sure. So because they are still helpful, online business owners still think that building links to their sites have a big value. But there are many owners of websites who are building poor links that are not ranking their website even its bad for ranking on their website.

So, in this blog I will try to teach you about links with big quality that will be from big help for ranking your website.

If your main source for ranking are links, than check their quality if they are spam links, than you must stop right now, build no links its better than building poor backlinks.

Links with low quality are observed by Google with red flag, and have negative effect on your website ranking.

So if we are building links, but if they are “poor quality” by Google standards we will be in awkward situation. In a fact if this happens than we will never rank our website in top of Google.

Because of that it’s from vital meaning to have some standards about building links, that means that we must know what are the best links .For us that would be a link that is perfect for Google. Perfect links for Google are all natural links. These links are links that you have received by posting great content on your website. But sometimes, you will need to help your website with some links, so in that situation you must know what a good link looks like.

Importance of Authority and relevance

Perfect link for Google is link built naturally and link that is containing: Authority and Relevance

This tactics is used by Google from their beginning. They are checking if the link that is pointing to your site is unique or spam. If it is good link it will increase your ranking, but if it’s spam link than you are flagged by Google and you will be punished from them in a future updates.

The most perfect link for Google is link that is coming from well trusted website in your niche. So for example if you are selling bodybuilding equipment, getting link from a website with domain bodybuilding.com will be INCREDIBLE for rankings of your site.

Authority factors considered by Google are:

  • Site Page Rank

    Page rank is created by Google, if website from where link arrives to your site has big page rank, and then your back link will be more effective.

  • Site Age

    In Google eyes one of the authority factors is site age, the older site the better back link

  • Social Engagement

    If site have more likes, and more followers, Google + etc, then your back link will be stronger.
    If you succeed to get a link to your website with good page rank and website, then your website ranking will increase rapidly.

Wind Up:

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