Press releases are most important in the field of SEO while some ignore it or are unaware about its importance and some use it incorrectly. Today, we are going to share with you the importance of press release for SEO.

Let’s move ahead with its proper use and discuss its role in increasing the website’s online presence. This will also remove all the incorrect ideas or we can say myths about Press Release. So, what exactly press release is.

Press Releases and your website rankings

Any new website must be different from the competitors. This is one of the most important points for business owners to be borne in mind. Press releases are usually taken and added to the other websites as this provides them an easy content. Links available here are not beneficial to the website’s SEO but these may be harmful.

The reason is Google doesn’t love duplicate contents and if your press release is taken by any other website owner then this means they have duplicate content on their website. As a result, the rankings of those websites are degraded. Further, press releases developed by you are copied thousands of times.

And this way there are chances that as many times your press release is copied that many links you get to your website. These may be very less than required because even if your press release is copied n number of times, Google accepts it only 6 or 7 times as it doesn’t like much duplicate content.

Yes, press releases that contain informative news are highly useful. Every blogger wants to get top quality content that is related to their business area. As a result, if the press release written on an informative topic then this will be utilized by others and they will rewrite and post it on their website as content.

This will help you a lot as in return you will get more of decent content which will directly link back to your website. A minor duplicity will be available however you will enjoy every type of SEO benefit that this press release brings to you.

The main thing in your content is that it should be newsworthy. For this, you must refer to some of the websites of your niche which have the required quality content and then try to create qualitative press release with newsworthy content so that you can get maximum SEO benefits for your website.

In case you are unable to provide newsworthy content then it is advisable to avoid wasting time in creating press releases that will give no or very less SEO benefits as compared to your efforts.

Press Release Formate

Wind up

Press release when written in the correct format is of more use as it makes easier for bloggers and journalists to decide if it useful for them or not. To develop a perfect press release, you can refer to many tutorials available online or you can also get in touch with Platinum SEO, one of the well known Melbourne SEO services providers in Australia having expertise in every field related to SEO.