Are you new to the world of Search engine optimization?

SEO web design Adelaide explains you things you may not know about online marketing. SEO is a very complicated discipline and there are many components to it. Best practices change from time to time. Google updates its algorithm frequently and this causes a ranking shift to make digital marketers lose their sleep. New technologies that offer alternative ways of ranking are often released by Google. This makes the lives of SEOs more complicated, as they have to overcome a learning curve to serve their clients properly.

SEO Web Design Adelaide

There is lots of misinformation about what it takes to rank a page in organic search results. Here are some things that most people do not understand about SEO.

  • Bigger is better for big terms

Google favors larger sites in some niches. If you were launching an e- commerce site, it would not rank on top of search engine result pages for some specific phrase. Disregard all sponsored ads. Do you think SEO has the power to knock any brand out of their position? Google generally favors brands that are household names over new startups for ranking. The search giant provides the best experience for the users. Optimize your brand name. If you have some reputation, people will find your site by typing your name. By running paid ads, you can put yourself on top of the SERPs, but advertising can be very expensive. Look for alternative keywords to promote your brand.

  • Websites are broken into segments

You do not rank a site; you rank pages within the site. The ranking page and site is not the same thing. There are many segments to your site and it is more valuable than others. Focus on ranking pages that can get potential customers from the SERPs. Use your favorite method of capturing contact information and add it to your email listing.

  • Rank a few terms

SEO web design Adelaide suggests you to rank dozens of search terms in the top positions. If you are in a micro – niche or your target market is narrow, it is likely to get away with ranking for one or more terms. For some sites, the ranking makes lots of sense. You can make great money by targeting a few core terms.

  • Competitive content marketing

Content is the king. You should be on top of your game for inbound marketing. Invest right amount of time and money in keyword research, hire the best writer, update your blog and create attention-grabbing headlines with amazing content. Analyze content of the site, uncover their strategies, and track new content and search for popular content.

  • Early adoption is better

Google releases new technologies from time to time and it can help you to rank better in the SERPs. An accelerated mobile page (AMP) is an open source project that enables web pages to load fast on a mobile platform. Mobile friendliness is a ranking factor in mobile search results. If you expect your site to rank well, look for a mobile audience.


Do you know how to rank your site in different countries? If people appreciate your product or service, optimize your site for international audiences. SEO web design Adelaide suggests on targeting other market, translate your content into the foreign language. Focus on content marketing to be successful, suggests Platinum SEO Services.