Over the last few years, there are many misconceptions regarding Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We have heard some of the most misleading thoughts in SEO over time, like:

“SEO is dead”

“I really don’t want SEO. All I want is a good looking website similar to my competitor’s”

“Build the website and they will come”

Silly notions like the above still float in the minds of leading online marketing experts, business owners and business executives as an element of overall digital mindset.

I do not regret for the online marketing guru that are just echoing the current buzzword, tactics and many of the meaningless misconceptions. I strongly believe in my assignment; consider it as my loyalty to inform the businessperson with good intentions that SEO still stands at the forefront of businesses that wish to increase their online presence.

SEO Investment

SEO services in Melbourne – An Investment

SEO could be defined as an investment because it does take a good amount of time and money to allure rich quality traffic through search engines. With the investment of quality time and money, SEO will boost ROI due to the below essential critical factors:


When building new website from scratch the initial organic traffic will remain zero.

Websites that have been existing for years, the organic traffic can remain quite low if an improper or nil SEO strategy has been applied.

Even though it may not be very encouraging but in reality, it is quite favorable for the small businesses that are very much willing to implement a long-term SEO strategy.

The main reason for the success is the compound rate effect and its relation to SEO. Small business websites can experience anything from 30% to even a 100% growth in organic traffic over the year.


We tend to perform our research by using different keyword combinations through the various search engines. Since there is no sure way to know in advance what search terms a user will input in the search engine, you can make use of the multiplier effect and rank your website from the thousands of search terms whilst targeting only a small smaller subset of these phrases.

To achieve that you have to use the search engine algorithms to your advantage. This may sound illegal but it is not. It just means investing in a long term “white-hat” SEO plan.

A website that is well optimized for SEO with a certain set of keyword terms that are relevant to the website niche will spontaneously reproduce numerous keyword terms that your website will rank for.


If you have had the experience of paid campaigns like a Google Adword campaign, you will know that as soon as the campaign is off, the paid traffic that was visiting your website stops.

On the other hand, investing in SEO brings you long term traffic that is retained after it has been built despite minimal efforts in certain niches.

Even in the most competitive niches, the most difficult part is to increase the traffic for SEO for websites that are new or that have not been performing SEO action.

However, websites that are well optimized with active management of SEO can rule the SERPS rankings easily for the long run, just with a few SEO actions.

The above factors prove that SEO is one of the best investments for your business. Not only that it is very much alive and kicking. Therefore, it is advisable to get the best out of SEO services in Melbourne via Platinum SEO.