Apple, as we all know is the leading name in smart phones as well as other electronic categories such as iPad, Laptop, iPod etc. Apple Smart phones are much costlier ones and are affordable only by upper middle class as well as people from royal families.

Yes, one may think that Apple’s popularity is due to its apps which are developed using “Swift” language where as those of Android are developed using Java. So, now well known Giants like Facebook and Google are thinking to opt for “Swift” as a programming language.

In order to discuss the same, a meeting was held in London among the representatives of Google, Facebook and Uber. As per the details available till today; we can say that Google is willing to put Swift to maximum use whereas Facebook and Uber say that they are just willing to make Swift more central for their operations.

On the other hand, Google will allow its Android app developers to use Swift as an alternative to Java. So, now at any point of time; if you find any Android app functioning similar to that of iOS App then don’t surprise, just chill as it will be the one “Android-Swift” combination.

Android Swift Language

Why Google is interested in Swift even Android apps are working fine with Java?

So, you might be aware about Google’s conflict with Oracle – owner of Java. This can be one of the reasons as to why Google wants to shift from Java to Swift. In case, Google becomes successful in adopting this language for the development of Android apps then most of its Android softwares must have to be made ready for Swift.

These include APIs and SDKs. Other softwares like as Android Studio will have to integrate Swift.

Swift – Brief Overview:

This programming language was launched in September 2014 and since then it has become a well known alternative to Objective C language for developing iOS apps. In 2015, it became an open source language and recently last month this was updated for Linux Support.

If Swift is made a first class language for developing Android apps as well then in no time, it will soon be popular among Android app developers. Google will decide this in an upcoming annual conference which will be scheduled within a month or so.

For any perfect decision by Google, we will have to wait until next year. The agenda of this meeting that includes Google, Facebook and Uber is that Google wants the later ones to update their apps and make them compatible for Swift.

These will be then useful to show the use of Swift and in case this becomes the official android app development language then these apps will set as an example as to how Swift works?

So, the aim is to Convince Uber and Facebook to update their apps and make them Swift compatible.

Take Away:

Well, so now if you wish to have iOS experience from Android apps then you can opt for Android apps developed using Swift. Further, business owners will also be able to get their apps developed in Swift.

However, this is just Google’s planning to adopt Swift, the final decision is pending. Stay tuned to Platinum SEO, one stop shop for cost effective Mobile app development Melbourne.