App development is ever evolving; moreover, it is an innovative architecture that is going to cover the gap between native apps developed by affordable SEO Melbourne and performance of apps and will eventually provide the solution to building websites and apps that are reliable and fast for the mobile era.

A progressive web app or commonly known as PWA uses contemporary web potentials to convey an app-like user experience. The most thrilling part about this is that it can make app development less indispensable. Your responsive site becomes your app. So, now the question arises that does your business needs an app and a website or simply a PWA. Earlier you do not have certain features like push notification, app working offline, background sync, or a design that provides the feel of a native application but now with the help of new browsers supporting to HTML5spec and advances in Javascript you can create some of this functionality. Progressive web apps are progressive, responsive, connectivity independent, fresh, safe, app-like, installable and linkable. With PWA you will have something special than just a regular website which comprises interactive and time-sensitive elements, or quickly released or reorganized content.

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PWA has certain properties that most apps do not contain:

•   Zero-install: these are just web pages and you can select to keep but installing is something you do after using it already.

•   Update-on-use: apart from the regular app update stratagem, it can be updated like web pages.

•   Install without App Store mediation: you do not have to be directed to an App Store landing page when keeping them.

•   Portability: unlike several strategies that are compulsory for native app portability PWA does not alter your deployment and packaging model.

•   Easy sharing: unlike an app, you can share it with its URL.

So, what are the SEO Implications?

It is not necessary that only by creating PWA you can attain top rank. With every front-end technology, you will always find implications for your SEO visibility. The possible problems you might encounter with PWA will be solved by the team of affordable SEO Melbourne who is a compilation of experts for working on JavaScript-heavy websites. You may encounter some issues if you are planning to create a website that employs the use of application shell architecture. First of all the chances are that you are going to use JS framework or view library. If it is so, then you must necessitate a React SEO advice. If you are using other this then you will have to pre-rendering pages and then picking up your application when it is ready. This will facilitate all the good things you get from these tools while service with something that is valid on Google.

The only tricky thing in attaining the best experience is the designing of your web application for offline experience. Rather than just sending application shell following with AJAX to request content on load and then picking up a good SEO company will use:

•   User arrives at your site

•   Your website sends back the application shell

•   The content AJAX response, pre-loaded as the situation in the application

•   The application will load instantaneously and then picks up the front end

At Platinum SEO, the company believes that the web is the future of apps. As being the most affordable SEO Melbourne Company its designed web runs everywhere and is the most widely known technology stack so, it influences a rapid increase in a number of apps. The company is releasing innovative features that will make developers get the best with cross-platform app and deployment of the mobile web as PWA. So, it is time to say no to clunky app store interstitial and mobile web apps. Stay connected.