As and when mobile apps have launched, SEO has remain untouched. But now is the time to re-examine it again. Even today, it’s necessary to have a particular position in the search results be it Google or an app store and it’s not a small task as it needs more creativity and passion.

Here, we have mentioned few things which can be adopted in order to make SEO better in this age of mobile apps.

Few Things to Adopt for Making Better SEO in this Age of Mobile Apps:

Make SEO Better With Mobile Apps

  1. Mobile based sites: If we talk about 2014 then it was the year where mobile devices were used more often than desktops and those were the recommended ones for using internet. In order to accept the change, Google decided to include mobile based rankings as one of the search engine factors.And so now if your website is not mobile friendly then you may lack certain rankings. All the pages on the website are now examined for mobile usability. This includes every form of factor of your website such as information flow on the screen, font size and relation among the links.

    In case the website meets new Google standards then a particularly new mobile friendly website can be available, just creating mobile friendly search pages is sufficient to pass through Google spiders.

    When it comes to mobile optimization, start with the landing page and then finish off optimizing the entire website, mobile friendly test is also available by Google to check the site compatibility.

  2. Optimizing App Store: There are many apps which are the reason for spending hours on mobile device and so it’s necessary that your app must be on the top of the search results. To do so, you need to follow some important things which are as follows:
    • Use keywords and app name that really work for you. Do some research and then select the proper keyword that gives you more traffic from the market. Many tools are available to make sure you do the research properly like as Sensor Tower.
    • It’s necessary to maintain the balance between branding and naming and so it’s not necessary that every store works in the similar way, make sure to include certain keywords in the app name and the description.
    • The main thing is to get maximum conversions i.e. how to get more people to download your apps, make most use of app store guidelines. There were many apps featured by apple which responded with faster videos, attractive pages with images and screenshots as well as text leads to certain solutions that your app offers.

Wind up:

So if you haven’t started to adopt this new SEO journey till today then it’s the right time now because it’s now or never and there are several tools that are available in your path, select any of those and try to get proper App SEO done so that it can be easily viewed by people.

This post will be useful to those who have decided to develop a mobile app and get maximum customers for the same. So, if you wish to take more SEO related guidance then stay in touch with Platinum SEO one of the well known companies offering SEO services in Adelaide at affordable rates.