So, we know that homepage is the main entrance of any website and it is equally important to optimize your home page and other web pages in order to get your website reflected among top search results.

The question is how these templates can be optimized? What things are considered while making SEO friendly templates for your website? SEO Professionals from Platinum SEO, a best SEO services provider in Melbourne have outlined some of the key features that must be kept in mind while creating SEO friendly website templates and these are as follows:

Things to be considered while optimizing templates for website:

  • Always develop a template with a layered Photoshop design that is transformed into HTML.
  • Include only one h1 tag on a single page and it must be different for different pages.
  • Use Plug-ins that serve as applications and add more functionality to the template.
  • It is observed that in a hurry to develop templates, certain important SEO prospective are always left behind such as Alt tags missing. Content is not included where needed.
  • A good template saves lot of money. There are many demo sites that provide you ready made templates without providing you the source code. Beware, they are not useful and make SEO evaluation difficult.

Hence, you need to get in touch with SEO experts to get the idea of selecting a website template from SEO point of view. Many online discussion forums are also available to guide you. However, it is important to get experts advice and if needed hire a dedicated SEO oriented web designer company who can help you to generate attractive yet optimized website templates.

Once you finalize any template then it is advisable to get it assessed by well known SEO experts to make sure that you are going in the right direction and your template is able to meet necessary SEO needs.


Along with point of attraction, website templates serve as an important part of SEO strategy as they are ones mostly used to attract visitors and lead them to have a look at entire website. If your website has a well optimized SEO template then you have won half of the race and rest you can with a strong SEO strategy from reliable experts of SEO in Melbourne.