Like we find busy highways accommodated with lots of huge vehicles, in the same way websites that respond quickly are accommodated with heavy visitors’ traffic. So, how will you manage to run a website that is covered by huge traffic and how will you keep it running especially if it an eCommerce site and you have a good business season.

Tips to Manage Websites During Huge Traffic:

  • Speed up with your server: With growth in business, traffic on your website also grows. A server can handle the traffic easily and you can hire anyone who is good at maintaining website servers. A single server can be used for storing data such as emails, customer details etc and one other server is used to manage website.
  • Managing the load: In case, two servers are unable to handle the website load then you can install another virtual appliance that can help you to manage your website load. Certain type of hardware can take big loads and manage the traffic so that it is always directed to the server having fewer loads.
  • Administer the Network: Managing your traffic with network monitoring tool can be quite easy as it gives good picture of your website traffic patterns. Once you are aware as to when your website is used the most then you can take necessary measures to quickly manage your website during those peak times.In case, the website gets crashed this network monitoring tool provides an immediate alert about the website traffic status so that you can act immediately to solve your website issues.
  • Manage the website content: Those websites having flash banners tend to load slowly. Developing a simple website without such heavy banners makes it a lot easier to load it and improve its performance. A slow website often drives away the visitors and in case of Google rankings, websites that load faster are preferred the most for top rankings. Speed is also considered while including websites among top rankings.


More and more companies are transforming their business into an online eCommerce one. So, it is completely mandatory to maintain huge traffic on their websites. These techniques will help them to manage the traffic in a proper manner. Platinum SEO Services is best SEO services provider in Melbourne, we love to share such things with our visitors. You can get in touch with us for more such important advice related to website maintenance.