Experts always have an eye on what’s going on the market, what’s hot, what’s popular, recent changes, current updates and much more. They strive to keep themselves updated with these ongoing trends and thus tend to gain expertise in the field.

In fact, every IT field keeps on updating and there are SEO experts in the field who keep an eagle’s eye on the updates and grab them as soon as they arrive in the market. enterprise-class work flow, reporting, and optimization tools to AdWords.

Thus, it is important to be in touch with such experts and get your SEO plan framed as per the latest trends. And so forth, we are here again to discuss on some of the updates of Google Adwords as we believe that SEO experts in Melbourne always love to keep themselves aware about any recent changes especially when it is for giant search engines like “Google”.

It is well said that the more we share, the more we are able to gain and hence we bring you to some latest enterprise-class workflow, reporting, and optimization tools which are added in AdWords.

Google Adwords New Update includes:

  • Advanced reporting- This latest update reveal some cool improved reporting features, mainly Excel for AdWords. Now users can access the visualisation tools and drag and drop pivot tables. That gives ability to create a reporting mechanism within Adwords that works off live data. It is is going to bulk impact the way search professionals work. This is pretty awful.
  • Automated Bidding: Now Advertisers can easily set up automated bidding to either maximize conversions volume or maximize revenues. This feature was just available in third party tools like Kenshoo & Marin.
  • Bulk Actions: This feature saves you time by allowing you to make bulk changes by editing setting within the interface like location targeting, ad rotation etc. By this way you can take immediate, bulk action on any issues and opportunities you find in your data.
  • Your Own Lab: Just like AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE), this new “Your Own Lab”feature lets you to make changes in “draft mode” and see the potential impact in real data to make more data-driven decisions. As per Google, this lab feature will allow user to run tests with live traffic as an experimental trial.

Framing SEO strategies with latest Google Adwords updates can be useful to get the required results. So, get in touch with SEO Professionals in Melbourne from our Platinum SEO Company and get a perfect SEO plan prepared for the success of your business.