Have you ever wondered, what is the real difference between writing a blog and an article post? It is a common problem, which causes a lot of confusion in the minds of individuals. There are lot many differences between articles and blogs besides style and research. Therefore, in today’s world, freelance writers need to know the difference between blogs and articles so that they can comply with a content requirement from different renowned companies and top-notch firms.

Article-Blog convergence

Blog posts are closely related and somewhat like articles. It started as an interview but has diversified its meaning over the years. Earlier blogs were specific to an individual and were a medium by which anyone can express his/her thoughts on the internet. They were a more opinion-driven piece of content however now blogs can be written in different ways like promotional, professional or personal manner. On the other hand, articles are always a professional way of writing a content and can be a way to make money online. If you are looking to develop a professional blog or article for your website then you must contact SEO expert Melbourne and get best services from reliable professionals.

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Key differences between article and blog

Unaware clients and writers tend to ignore the real difference between a blog post and an article. Below are some of the key differences posted for blogs and articles. Blog posts have following features-

  1. They are used mostly to voice an opinion
  2. Blogs are shorter in content compared to articles
  3. It is mainly built around SEO keywords
  4. Having perfect grammar, spelling and vocabulary is optional for writers and content seekers
  5. Blogs favour casual writing style
  6. Freelance work costs less compared to articles as there are less interview and research required

On the other hand, an article can have following key features. The important features help figure out the real difference between a blog post and an article.

  1. Opinion is not required in articles
  2. Keywords are of not much importance compared to blogs
  3. Longer in terms of content and more than 300 words
  4. Articles are created with more professional and sophisticated writing style
  5. Spellings and grammar should be impeccable with no room for errors
  6. Editor needs to format the article in proper manner before publishing it
  7. Payout for articles tend to be higher compared to blogs


Articles and blogs are a great way to promote your website online and can be used as a medium to express your views. It can help impress your client customers or can be used to promote a product by penning down its key features and attributes. A successful article or blog can easily generate many views and become a viral online or on social media. Charges for blogs and articles can vary depending on client consideration and requirement. The key thing is to hire a professional content writer for your website who can develop quality content and able to understand the real difference between a blog and an article. Hire SEO expert Melbourne and choose the best content writing services from Platinum SEO Services. With the help of right content, you can improve your website rating and ranking online, which will help your business to grow manifolds.