We have learnt many things about On Page SEO. Today, we are going to discuss about the advanced On Page Targeting. This article highlights a simple structure about the advanced On Page technique that makes optimization simple and easy thus producing rich content for audience.
So, let’s understand this in detail and learn to implement it for the success of our online business:

Advanced On Page SEO factors:

Keywords and relationships

Irrespective of the topic you select, the main thing is to discover the relationship between the words and expressions. The way we arrange words and phrases in our content really matters. The entire content arrangement on a page highly impacts the search engines to determine the topics.

While using keywords and phrases, it is important to know the phrases and concepts that express each other. So, in this advanced SEO technique the main task is to develop the keyword research to integrate related phrases and concepts. The content enriched with keywords and phrases consists of:

  • Variants & Synonyms: This includes plural forms, abbreviations, phrases that have the same meaning.
  • Elementary related Keywords: Keywords that relate to the main keyword phrase.
  • Auxiliary related Keywords: Keywords that relate to the elementary related keywords.
  • Integral Relationships: Words that describes properties between people, places and things.

Related Keywords
Good Keywords are those that anticipate the availability of other phrases on that page. For instance, a page about Central Government infers to other related keywords like President, Prime Minister, and Chief Minister. These types of keywords will strengthen the search for Central Government.

Location, Density and Extent:

Page management directly reflects the relation between the concepts. When any search engine finds the required keywords on your page then they determine the important ones and those that have robust relationships between one another.

Basic Communication techniques include:

  • Location: Placing keywords at vital places like titles, subtitles, headlines, main body text are most useful.
  • Density: Different techniques like TF- IDF help to determine the important phrases by circumspection of how regular they will appear in a document as compared to a simple distribution.
  • Extent: Words and phrases that are close to each other easily relate to one other via grouped html elements. This in simple terms means that related concepts must be placed together in paragraphs or lists as well as content sections.

The perfect way to organize your content is to keep elementary and auxiliary keywords along with the main focused keyword. Every single primary keyword relates to its own subsection with its auxiliary keywords thus supporting the basic keywords.

In simple terms, along with main keyword primary as well as secondary keywords must be adjusted in order to get easily noticed by Search Engines.

Wind Up:

These are just the basic parts of On page SEO targeting. We will provide in depth details about the same in our upcoming blogs. Till then, practice them and feel free to get in touch with SEO experts at Platinum SEO, well known SEO Agencies in Perth to clarify any doubts about the same.