There are many trends that keep on changing with time and as the new year has just started some trends are there which will not go to last for longer time. Also, there are certain expectations that we make on the upcoming trends. As with the arrival of New Year, there are a lot of predictions and forecasts being made on different things and SEO industry is also one of them.

SEO industry is growing really fast, and as per the growth rate of the industry, the trends of the industry also increasing. This also lets people take their prediction hats on and start forecasting about the trends that might affect the industry in the near future.

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But here neither we are going to predict the future of SEO industry in 2018 nor are we going to talk about the predictions that others have done regarding the SEO industry for the year 2018. Here we are going to talk about the SEO trends that worked really well in the past year and have great chances that will also keep on going, in the same way, this year. So here we are focusing on the ongoing trends that might affect the industry in 2018 and thus needs to be discussed keenly.

  1. Employ Custom Competitor Research –As the SEO industry is growing at a rapid rate, the rate of the competitors is also increasing and when the competition increases, we need to think of some tactics to deal with it and let ourselves stand in the front of the line. For doing so, you can either research of hours and hours or you can use some tools that can help you with getting that how your competitors are running their campaigns and how you can beat them all the way through. There are many tools that can also let you build custom competitor data which can lead you to the more successful and extraordinary tactics to be on the top. You can also get these data as region specific.
  2. Ranking & Optimization for Mobile Devices –As the numbers of mobile users are increasing these days, the people using internet on mobile phones are also increasing in the same ratio. Now we need to understand that searching anything on a PC or laptop is very much different from searching anything on the mobile phone. Most of the websites are mobile friendly these days. Being mobile-friendly makes a website work well and look good when operated by a mobile phone. You need to know about the fact that due the huge difference in the screen size, it is not the same thing to view a website on the laptop and on a mobile phone. You have to make your website optimized so that it is possible to operate it from a mobile phone. Also, an important thing over here is that usually the content being searched on the mobile phone is very much different from what being searched from a desktop or from a laptop. You need to check the mobile rankings to be on trend. Also, need to check the keyword rankings that are being searched.
  3. Local Search Ranking & Optimization –Local search ranking are becoming very important day by day. If you want your website to be reachable to the local public, you need to know about the local keywords that are being searched frequently. There could be a huge difference in the keyword rankings of around the globe and that of your local area or region. There may be some keywords that have great rankings in many regions around the world but are not much popular in the region where you are working.
  4. Do SEO on Your Own –Most of the people find it really very difficult to do SEO task. Although they are not that much, there are many tasks related to the SEO industry like keyword research, competitor analysis, rankings, and traffic and conversion trends. Many people think them as the most time consuming and scary things to do. Well, the people who think this way maybe are unaware of the tools. There are a huge variety of tools available for doing search engine optimization. You just need to understand what tools you need as per your requirements. Also, there are multiple tool packages available for the same platform, and that can make your job really very quick, efficient and more sophisticated. These tools are so simple to work with that your level of expertise and the experience that you have really don’t matter much.
  5. Use Keyword Grouper –Keyword grouping as the same suggests is a technique where you can group the keywords together. You need to make one thing in your mind before grouping keywords that the keywords should be relatable. The same kind of keywords or the keywords having kind of the same meaning can be put together to make a keyword group. Let’s take an example – let there are two keywords, the first one is “Best travel packages” and the second one is “Place to travel in 2018”. Now you need to know that either of the two keywords mentioned above is relatable or not? If yes, then can we bring them up together to form a keyword group? Can we put them together on a page? Is the keyword rankings for these two keywords are somewhat same? If all your answers are yes, then just go for it. But doing all this manually takes a really long time. You can use tools to support you in doing such kind of work.

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