SEO is one of the most important services to hire these days, especially for companies who wish to excel on search engine rankings and want to maintain good track in the online world. Along with hiring good SEO services, business should also ensure to have the best SEO tools by their side which are effective and help the company achieve various objectives. For a business to ensure that all the needs are met, it is essential to pick up SEO Package with following tools included in it.

Keyword Analysis Tool

Keywords are one of the most important guides which direct users to your site. In short, the performance of your site greatly depends on the choice of keywords and how you utilise them. Considering the fact, it is important to have an effective keyword analysis and research tool that can help you provide keyword data appropriately. After this, the success of a company mainly lies on the fact that how data is interpreted and what difference does it brings to your search engine ranking.

SEO Tools

Rankings Tools

Staying aware about where your site is currently ranking is also important. This tool will help you keep track of your website and find out which online marketing strategy is working best for you. For companies that have chosen SEO package along with this SEO tool, they need not have to spend hours on analysing ranking of their site, as all the information shall be readily available to them from the tool.

Content Tools

Ranking of any website is highly impacted by the content posted on the site. Websites with unique content not only keeps the audience engaged to it, but it also remains optimised on search engines. There are effective content tools available, which must be included in SEO package or must be used while doing SEO such that new ideas can be found and accordingly fresh content can be made available on the site.

Link Building Tools

Link building contributes as one of the greatest ranking factors today. Earlier link building methods used to be very manipulative, but now things have changed and writing content on other sites has various benefits attached to it. However, it is important to ensure that the content is meaningful and also strong enough to attract readers and divert it to your company’s website.

Link Removal Tools

Link removal tool is one of the essential tools which might be of use to your company if you have been associated with inappropriate or blacklisted websites on the internet. Hence for companies who have in past been associated with inappropriate links, they can use the link removal tool. Taking effective steps for removal is not going to do any harm to your website, but instead, shall bring you in good books of both Google and customers based all around the world.


The tools mentioned above can be of great help to SEO service providers and also companies to keep a close watch on the performance of SEO and take improvements steps if any. For a business to ensure they are going in the right direction of choosing a good SEO provider, they must opt for SEO package and company that has all the above tools included in their service. For companies who are confused about the choice of service providers, they can opt for Platinum SEO services. It is the most reliable company in town which ensures to use all the above SEO tools for effective optimisation of the site.