What do you think? Which one is the most used device for internet access today? The answer will be obviously mobile. Today, mobile device is used the most for almost every task; be it surfing internet, shopping online and many more.

Whether you want a clock, to do list, a calendar to see dates, event reminders; mobile device or we can say a smartphone is the one stop solution for everything. Today, majority of our tasks are done via our smartphone.

If we talk about business, then business ads that can be easily displayed on smartphone screens yield more results than those that can be seen only on desktop and laptop. As per the survey, global mobile ad expenses will double from $100 billion to $200 billion in 2019.

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This shows how the use of mobile devices is growing at a faster space. It has become a lifestyle symbol. Most of the decisions are made based on mobile content. Hence, content must be accessible everywhere and also must address the user intent across all multiple device types, multiple platforms as well as channels.

So, what exactly are we going to discuss today? In this blog post, we will take a look at how search data can be used to beat the competition & serve customers in a better way.

Knowing the Mobile Behaviour:

Most of us use mobile device to search out things on Google. This has brought a major shift in consumer behaviour and hence for search marketers, it’s time to modify their mobile strategies.

Achieving success lies in knowing this behavioural shift. Today, maximum searches are conducted via smartphones and very few via desktops or we can say laptops. So, we can say that these devices are used in completely different manner.

This means customers can now take action to fulfill their needs quickly even when they are flying. These are considered as Micro moments by Google where consumer quickly makes use of his/her mobile device to meet an immediate need.

So, whenever someone wants to go somewhere, buy something, do something and know something; Google search is conducted via mobile devices. Let’s understand this via example:

E.g.: “Suppose you are very hungry and want to buy something to eat then the first thing you will do is “Search for nearest restaurants or those that offer home delivery”. Now, at this time you happen to see an ad “Buy one Hot dog and get one hot dog absolutely free”.

You will quickly click on this ad because it helps you to satisfy your immediate need.”

Like this way, visitors quickly respond to ads that actually can fulfill their immediate needs and hence this thing must be considered by search marketers at the time of developing and optimizing mobile content.

Align Mobile Demand with Customer Intent:

For every brand, it is necessary to have the content ready to meet customers during their internet journey on mobile devices. Brands must be able to know what their target audience is doing online and how they can be motivated to get converted during their micro moments.

This is the task of Online marketers where they can help brands find what customers are doing online and what is their intention. This can be known with the help of search data. Then, it can be easy for marketers to address such micro moments with useful content that is optimized for mobile.

What is searched the most on Google by Smartphone Users?

As per Google, 94% of smartphone users search for location info and 82% search for local business on search engines. Most of the consumers use mobile devices for making a purchase decision when they are in store.

It is very important to know how keywords are used at different moments in order to be relevant. Brands must be able to know the context, mindset of the visitors and this will help them to grow in the online world.

Conclusion: Today, mobile device use has increased and this has changed the view of search marketers towards customer’s online journey. Making most use of micro moments is the apt way to understand a customer’s journey from the moment it initiates the search till completion of product purchase.

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