How do you learn anything, from a mistake, right? Mistakes are a proof that we are trying. Once we make it, we don’t do them again. The less time spent on correcting errors, the more productive things we can do.

Here, in this blog post; we have revealed five such mistakes that sometimes are made by even expert writers. So, if you are a beginner or an intermediate in the field then you must learn from them and avoid these.

Content Writing Mistakes

Errors made by Professional Writers and how to avoid them?

  1. A belief that one cannot break Writer’s block: Here, we can say that this is actually a wrong belief. One can actually break a writer’s block. You can use various tools that can help you with your writing.Avoid being in the trap of writer’s block, never get blocked; always have confidence and feel that you can make out anything from everything.
  2. No Editing and Proof Read: Once you are done with the article then it is time to cross check the same and make sure that everything is up to the mark. Every time you look at it, you will have some new ideas, new insights which will help you to write in a better way.Hence, make a habit of editing as editors are high in demand.Another important thing, a writer should do is proof read the entire write up once all necessary editions are made. Editing refers to making small changes while as Proof reading refers to making small changes in grammar, spelling etc.Make use of this proof reading checklist to make your work easy.
  3. Lack of Proper Research: Before actually you start writing, do some research for your subject matter. It is necessary to show some studies, evidence along with your opinion and this will make a perfect article.Sometimes, research can be a troublesome process while on the other hand; it will provide readers with insight and advanced knowledge. Every time to write, you tend to discover something new, this brings new level of excitement.
  4. Have a proper article outline: Remember, your school days when you were given a story outline based on which you were asked to frame a complete story. However, this is not the case here.Here, outlining means just to create a simple structure of your article. Outlining will help you to write with speed and clarity. First of all, include introduction and conclusion and then in the body content, elaborate the subject matter as much as you can.This will help you to write in a better manner and also fill the empty space with something meaningful.
  5. Writing too fast or too slow: We always think that we have low typing speed. Actually, there’s nothing like low or fast speed, every writer writes as per its convenience.Speed directly influences quality. Hence, slow writing can lead to clumsy mistakes where as speedy writing can lead to sloppy mistakes. Our mind easily processes long sentences and big words however for readers; the writing is dull, ponderous, slow and agonizing.If you write fast, your brain moves closer to equivalent normal reading speed. However, one must pay attention to words, sentences and structure and during the same time, you will be able to have those thoughts in a fluid and natural manner.

Take Away:

So, professional content writers must keep in mind these mistakes and then make sure these are not repeated again. Hope this blog post will be useful to you.

For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned with us.