Web Design is an ever changing field in the industry. There are several trends available day in and day out. Today, we will discuss what actually white space is and how it is useful in web design?

Have you ever seen that whitespace in your website? Well, that’s important. Why? So, we can say that Whitespace is an important tool for website design yet most of the people overlook it.

It is fun to work with some other elements of any website design like as color scheme, typography or we can say general layout. While creating project for client, whitespace can be exceptionally beneficial while used in a proper manner.

Let us know why?

Importance of Whitespace in Web Design:

Before we begin, we can say that it is an entirely new concept in web design. Since many years, it has been used as no.1 tool when things that matter the most require some extra focus.

At Present, it works in the same manner. Let’s say if you have a nice painting and you wish to give it proper attention on wall then the best way to do this is: Add a frame around it and make sure that there’s nothing else on the wall.

In the same manner, to make anything more visible on the website; the best way is to keep nothing around it. One of the best examples of the same is:

Yes, Google search engine where you will see lots of white space around the word “Google”. Here, this white space has lots of importance because if we add other stuff around the logo then I am damn sure “Google” logo will not be visible as clearly as it is now.

This has been used for by Google since many years but we never thought about it. Ha ha! Who has time? Let’s first think about ourselves, let’s first give time to Gossips and then will we be able think additionally about such topics.

Well, now you don’t have to think because we did that work and then were able to write this blog. Just imagine, it would be very easy for Google to have lots of images on that page like as Google News, Google Images, Gmail and much more.

But, instead of adding all of this, they left the white space as it is and decided to have only search field. Why only search field?

Here, the answer is damn simple- It is that with the use of this white space and Google Search, they symbolize the purpose of the page for which it is designed. Here, there’s no guess work.

Everything is in tune with Google’s main goal. With the proper use of whitespace, they encourage us to use their search engine and this is one of the main things.

In a nutshell, we can say that proper use of whitespace can:

  • Boost call to action
  • Improve focus
  • Make the website purpose clear
  • Put emphasis on important stuff
  • Less important stuff can be made easily visible
  • Help visitor to scan the page and then decide what is important and what’s not?

So, next time when you see some white space in your website then keep in mind that it is very useful to you. Hence, never try to include unnecessary stuff so as to cover that white space.

Take Away:

Next time, when you see any whitespace; keep in mind that it is necessary for your website. Hope this blog post was useful to you. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned to Platinum SEO, well known provider of web design services Melbourne.