As the year 2015 moves on, you will see many changes occurring in your social media strategies especially strategies developed for Facebook. If your business has a Facebook fan page then you will wish that it must get some response, some value and to do so you need to keep altering your facebook strategy.

One of the interesting ways to attract viewers to your facebook business page is to post a quiz there which will motivate them to participate and win. People participate in quizzes so that they can share results on their timeline as this will motivate their friends to take part in the quiz.

Many social apps are available that provide various types of Quiz on facebook. Yet, most of the business owners will have a question as to how this quiz will be beneficial to their company.

Facebook quiz for your business

A business page created on facebook needs very less promotional content. Something really funny can easily draw visitors to you. These funny things keep viewers stuck on your page for long and chances are there that you get maximum shares.

How can you create a quiz? Well, you might have seen many apps with silly quizzes like: What were you in your previous birth? Who’s your favorite person in the family and many more? Similarly, you can also create any funny quiz that is related to your business.

FaceBook Quiz
For instance, if your company manufactures bath soap then you can create quiz like: Which soap is lucky for you? Ask some questions related to their life style and then provide a perfect answer like as Soap made of honey and almonds is lucky for you ( you means the name of user).

Like this, you will many viewers and the chances to get more customers will increase. Now, when they share the results on their facebook page, your business name is mentioned at the end so this helps you to get maximum shares along with providing fun to your users.

Make use of Cross Promotion

One of the best ways to make most of this marketing strategy is adding call to action at the end. This can be done by gaining their attention by providing links to other social media sites such as twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest etc. Just place a button which when clicked will redirect people to your relevant account. If one clicks on twitter, they will be redirected to twitter and so on.

Like this, with so simple and interesting facebook quiz, you can grow your audience as and when needed in a simple manner. It’s better to provide a memorable image to your quiz that looks professional as well.

Wind Up

Give added exposure to your business with the use of Facebook quiz for business and see the response. You will really love this idea. Stay updated with Platinum SEO, SEO Services in Melbourne to know about latest changes that take place in social media strategy.