With changes in technology, SEO keeps updating itself. Talking about this new year 2015, something that must be focused more on is user generated content. User generated content must be given more priority.

Now, what this user generated content is? This is not a new strategy in online marketing industry. The use of this online marketing strategy is increasing by leaps and bounds on those websites that are generally run by owners itself.

User Generated Content

Any type of content such as blogs, articles, audios, videos, photos developed by the user itself or any member of the community is considered to be user generated content. As per a survey, people between 18 to 36 years of age almost spend 5.5 hours daily surfing on the internet and nearly about 70% use social media on regular basis to interact with friends.

This shows the usage of user generated content. Some of the well known websites that mostly benefit from user generated contents are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Wikipedia, Flickr, iTunes etc.

Importance of User Generated Content in SEO

Most popular websites are actually made popular by their users as well as members. Some of the well known websites are YouTube and Wikipedia that get constant traffic through user generated content. This is more prevalent with social media sites.

In this era of mobile users, it is mandatory to have user generated content as a part of one’s SEO strategy. With Google’s algorithm updates, it is mandatory to have such user generated content which will be solely responsible for your website’s optimization.

Using User Generated Content in SEO

If you are still unaware about the use as well as importance of user generated content then this article is for you. From now on, you can start using it at every point of time and in each and every marketing strategy.

Listed below are some of the ways through which you can inspire your customers, followers, users to develop informative content for your brand

  • Develop an online community
    It is advisable to create an online community. For instance, if you are providing any kind of services let’s say recruitment then with the help of this online community you can easily get in touch with people who need your services. Various articles related to these services can be posted, discussed with the fellow members. Content must be properly optimizing keeping in mind it is going to be visible to the audience.
  • Get reviews and feedbacks from your customers
    If the content is generated by authentic customers then it is more suitable as well as preferable by search engines. The reviews provider particular product details in brief. As compared to advertisement, people trust more on reviews. Search engines also love to publish reviews on the top.
  • Allow guest posts on your blogUser Generated Content
    Small business owners can highly get benefitted from guest posts. Initially, at the start up it’s impossible to have a good team of writers to update fresh contents on your website on daily basis and for this guest posts are needed. The more good posts your website has, the more it tends to bring maximum visitors. Regular publishing the content will benefit you as well as help to get more visibility in search results.
  • Organize a contest, quiz on regular basis that provide rewards to those who create excellent content
    A perfect strategy for small business and new start ups as this will help them to increase fan base. This is a first step to promote your website or brand by providing rewards to those who create a perfect video or audio for your product.

Wind Up

Every business may not find these tips useful. However, one needs to take the initiative and alter the user generated content strategy to meet the specific SEO needs. Different types of Strategies are combined to develop a successful SEO campaign.For further details regarding framing a perfect SEO campaign, stay in touch with Platinum SEO, best SEO services in Melbourne.