If you are thinking to do online business then digital marketing is the thing that you have to opt for. As days pass; digital technology continues to expand and grow. Digital strategies keep on evolving constantly.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Be it social to search or big data, today there are unlimited opportunities for marketers. So, how can you stay updated with the times? Keeping this thing in mind; we decided to provide you the details about some well known digital marketing strategies which are useful in today’s world to each and every person.

New Digital Marketing Strategies one must be aware of:

Adopting these strategies in the campaigns; one can increase the marketing ROI. These are as follows:

  1. Mobile Video Advertising: Mobile advertising is the hot trend in the digital marketing industry. But now a new trend known as mobile video advertising is in demand. The mobile video ad expense in USA is double and is predicted to reach 6 dollar billion by 2018.

    Mobile video advertising will show up everywhere and the reason for such an increase in its growth is just as simple as connecting a smartphone with 4G service. Very easy, isn’t it? This helps users to watch videos everywhere and anywhere.

    Most of the mobile internet is used in mobile apps and this has encouraged marketers to use videos in apps so that audience can easily get involved in the app. Certain videos carry ads which can only be skipped once it is watched by users for some seconds.

    Some ads cannot be skipped and users have to watch them completely before the actual video starts. Apart from mobile apps; social media networks are the ones which consume some amount of mobile internet.

    On the other hand; Facebook and YouTube videos are designed in such a manner that they get loaded quickly and run smoothly on several devices. Facebook offers premium video ads for businesses using their platforms.

    Video ads are also used by well known brands like as Snapchat, Instagram so that one can easily reach to its targeted audience. Now, the question is how can one proceed?

    First of all; use mobile video advertising strategy on Facebook. It is affordable and high quality demographic targeting helps your new video to reach to the specific target audience. Well, before using video advertising; make sure to opt for some of the best practices for strong video advertising:

    • Video must be sentimental as this catches the attention of viewers.
    • Including an effective Call to Action.
    • Try to make it interactive.

    Take away: Think about it and decide how you wish to use this new digital marketing strategy which is in demand today.

  2. Native Advertising: In the digital marketing world, there’s a constant debate going on as to which one is most preferable – native advertising or content marketing. But keeping this debate aside as of now; we are here to discuss in detail about native advertising as one of the widely used digital marketing trends.

    The format and writing style of debate marketing is the thing that represents your content. This offers very less disruptive advertising experience. Most of the major publishers use native advertising these days.

    It is seen on every platform from Buzzfeed to Wall Street Journal. 20% of digital marketing revenue is generated from this advertising format. It is expensive form of advertisement. Some viewers consider it as an article and not an advertisement.

    To begin with native advertising; business owners need to keep aside certain amount of cash so that they can easily reach main audience. Begin with small “Native advertising and target such websites that is very appealing to customers.

  3. Behavioural Targeting: Have you done online trip planning? If yes then you might have experienced behavioural targeting. This form of digital marketing uses web browsing and search data in order to get better target ads.

    For better targeting; certain insights are combined with various types of targeting like as geography and demographics. This allows advertisers to fine tune their messages. It is a very effective way for marketers to get in touch with their audience.

    An easiest way to use behavioural targeting is to create different messages for new as well as repeat customers or for different visitors based on how they came to your site.

    Such methods provide you an amazing power to develop a message which will resonate them depending upon their web behaviour.

  4. Virtual Reality: Virtual reality is becoming a very hot trend in the digital marketing industry. When combined with native advertising; this gives amazing results. Apart from offering appealing content; one can easily find captive audience.
  5. Wearables: Wearable technology is slowly entering the tech industry. We can various companies have now launched wearable devices like as Smart Watch as well as fitness trackers.

    There are several advertisers available who identify the ways to collect the data that is generated and then separate it for smart product messaging.

  6. Beacons and Bluetooth Low Energy: Chain stores can now easily recognize the person who has entered in. The reason here is about one third of all Smart Phones are compatible with BLE; a signal emitted by beacons.

    These beacons are used by retail stores to target their clients in a better way. A well known BLE app is Shop Kick which offers rewards that can be redeemed for gift cards when you visit the stores.

Wind Up:

These all are the new digital marketing strategies that every business owner must consider when he/she wants to boost its online presence and quickly reach its target audience. The main question here is to allocate the marketing budget at such places from where best returns are available.

For lower tech companies, mobile videos can be the good option to invest in while for large firms; can opt for native advertising while those with an eCommerce site can go for behavioural targeting. In short, we can say that there’s a digital marketing strategy available for every kind of budget.

So, choose the right one to boost your sales. In case you need guidance to pick up the perfect strategy for your business then get in touch with Platinum SEO; SEO Company Melbourne.