Business owners at present are using one or the other digital marketing channels in order to promote their business. However, from time to time; trends change and as a result it is necessary to keep examining all those digital marketing channels that you are using currently.

There are chances that you may need to change your current digital marketing channels and switch to new ones that are helpful in achieving the goals. Here, in this blog post we will guide you regarding the examination of current digital marketing channels.

Digital Marketing Channels

So, let’s begin:

  • Optimising all channels for conversions: It is necessary to make sure that all of your pages are properly optimized for conversions. This will help you to identify the best channel that is performing for you.

    Let’s say you have completely optimized your channels then further optimization can highlight the content that you are sharing or the one whom you are targeting. This leads to the downfall of conversions.

    Optimizing the channels for conversion provides you a blue print to initiate your channel analysis.

  • Get Customer Feedback: Customer feedback is of utmost importance. However, it is only because it has much value for your product or service. As there are people who purchase the product or service based on the current customer feedback.

    It is necessary to get honest opinions from your target market and this will help you to reform your current as well as future strategies.

    Getting customer feedback only once doesn’t boost your brand offering in future. It is necessary to think about developing few focus groups including customers and non customers.

    In order to get feedback from customers, you can offer them some incentives or vouchers.

  • Measure the organic brand interaction and reach: It is necessary to measure monetary value however measuring organic customer interactions with the brand is also a good way to judge the value of the brand.

    One can use several tools to check the organic interaction and reach among the customers and your brand. Hence, it is necessary to evaluate the level of engagement customers offer to your brand.

    This is a two way process. So, if you really wish that people should react with your brand then you must also put that many efforts to become socially active.

  • Integrating multiple channels: You might be having all of your social, digital and paid search campaigns running all at once. These actually affect one another. By using multiple channel integration; analysts can see the big picture and know the synergy developed using these channels separately.

    Proper credit will then be given based on whether the display campaigns actually increase searches of related terms or they lead to greater accountability as well as understanding.

  • Segmentation: Segmentation or we can say classification is actually related to age, gender however one must think of various segments like as “no. of visitors visiting the website via Page A, search terms used by visitors for searching certain products or services.

    Such segments can show enormous value to marketing campaigns as well as the website development. Without these separate classes; one may miss very useful opportunities. Let’s say you have two landing pages and among these two; one is performing well while one is the least performing one.

    Chances are there that users may have come to the first landing page via keyword X and the other one may not be performing well.

  • Test all of the things before choosing any digital marketing channel: Test landing pages, test ad copy, test content, website themes and images. The entire digital landscape will offer huge opportunities for those who wish to go through the entire testing process.

    There’s no other medium through which you can remove the core pieces of the marketing message.

    To begin; develop a testing plan and carry out only few minor changes and once you are done with the testing wizard, you will get the performance. Once you are comfortable, you can then begin developing long term plans for say 6 or 12 months.

  • Statistical Analysis: Don’t forget to check the data statistics. Ensure that your digital marketing team has the perfect statistical skills to properly evaluate the sample sizes as well as performance thresholds.
  • Using What if Analysis: Let’s say if you take out huge insights to answer certain business questions from every form of data. You will come in contact with things like as What if. For example: What if the part of our budgets was transferred from paid to display search.

    What if questions are very easy to answer, just add the scenarios and see how it provides you the answer. Big questions must be given top priority. It is necessary to bid on a competitive keyword and checking the performance.

    Here, predictive analysis is most useful. With the help of simple and sophisticated statistical tools; one can easily develop models which showcase good ideas and at times; out of the box ideas won’t work.

    In order to get most out of your data; it is necessary to take a look at raw numbers and see the picture. With one’s ability to see on both the sides, the digital marketing campaigns will definitely lead to success.

Wind Up

So, next time when you wish to opt for any digital marketing channel or we can say campaign; make sure to check which ones must be used to fulfill your needs or we can say business requirements.

Let us know if you need any kind of guidance regarding perfect digital marketing strategy. For more such tips and tricks or guidelines; stay tuned with Platinum SEO; SEO in Melbourne that helps you to meet all of your requirements and achieve business goals.