Generally, we think that SEO is examined only by Google’s search algorithms. But this is not the case, giant search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo get the help of quality checkers along with different search algorithms to properly check the quality of the content.

Quality checkers basically check the websites and rate them in terms of information, navigation, relevancy, usefulness etc. Algorithms can do lot of things but there are some things that must be done by human beings and such tasks are performed by quality checkers.

Once the website is thoroughly checked by the quality analysts then it is confirmed that the website is having no errors in terms of design and it is perfect for human beings as well as search engines. So, who should work as a quality checker and what you should know about quality checkers?

Guidelines for Quality Checkers:

When we ask any website owner about its goal, they always say to be among the top search results is their goal and every website owner keens to see its website having more page ranks but in the field of tough competition, it always happens that you forget one or the other thing and as a result, sometimes targets get hardly achieved.

Talking about search engines, they try to bring the better things on rank #1 as this will provide users with the necessary required values and avoid spammers. And if users will get the details as needed i.e. if their need is satisfied then they are likely to visit the search engine again.

Normally, quality checkers use four principles to judge any website and this is equal for everybody and any website may be a high ranking one or one that never displays among search results. These four principles are:

  1. Intention
  2. Quality
  3. Scope
  4. Authority

Let’s discuss these principles in detail:

  • Intention: This is based on the idea that why a customer visits a website? There might be the reasons such as the website fulfills its needs; it provides better knowledge and many such reasons. This means your website should fulfill these needs and get ranked #1 in Google.
    Looking a website from the eyes of a Quality checker; it must be checked whether the website provides relevant results or not. If it doesn’t then there’s some issue with the website and rectification is needed.

    Always check your website keywords with the help of Site Analysis and know the purpose for which people love to land on your website or there are certain people who will prefer your website as they get quick and up to the mark responses from your end.

  • Scope: Scope defines as the response to the query. This means sometimes a small sort of information is sufficient while sometimes more information is required. It depends on the need and purpose for which we are really searching the information.
    So, quality checkers keep in mind such websites that provide details as per the scope and these websites are preferred the most.
  • Quality: A site that provides actual information is always good in quality as compared to those who just add info on their website that is actually of no us. High quality websites always tend to give you something extra.
    Extra knowledge is always welcomed. So, your website must be able to provide sufficient knowledge.
  • Authority: Your website must contain the content that is solely yours. This develops credibility among the people and makes you trustworthy and knowledgeable in the eyes of the visitors.
  • Conclusion:

    It is very important that your website is verified through quality checkers as this ensures that it is completely safe to use and that no one is going to be harmed from the information shared. For better SEO tips, get in touch with Platinum SEO , one of the best SEO experts in Melbourne.