When any business owner assigns the task of framing an SEO strategy for their website, the first question that comes in the mind is within how much time duration it can bring results? We have heard people saying that SEO is very slow process and it takes even months or years to get the desired results. So, why SEO process is long? Is it long for all or for certain websites only? Let’s see what factors make it an elongated process:

Affecting Factors for SEO Process

  • Your website: If your website is new, then SEO process will be elongated as it takes time to establish your brand’s presence in the market. New websites take time to take authority in search engines like Google. With proper SEO process, authority can be developed slowly but firmly.Rushing to get this authority can actually penalize your website. So, organic SEO services are to be adopted to gain authority as per standards rather than violating the rules. A new website is like a new born baby which must be fed properly in its early years so that it can sustain at every odd of life.Same way, in case of SEO process, constant hard work is needed to maintain its presence on the World Wide Web and its fruits are seen after years.
  • Know the Competitors: For some it is quite difficult to know what strategies competitors are using to stay on the first page and they always are on the first page. It is preferable to know what strategies they are adopting to maintain their status on the top. To maintain your status on the top, it is important to adopt methodical SEO ways.
  • Quick SEO Results are dangerous: Patience is the key to get the required SEO results. Very often, it is observed that business people get highly impatient if they don’t get results even after 6 months. This leads them to adopt illegal SEO activities which can further damage the reputation of your website in the long run.And again you will have to start from scratch to build your rankings. So, in haste you can waste your efforts.

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