Press Releases are devalued by Google they still play an important role in SEO World. Hearing the news, that press releases are no longer valued by Google; many SEO agencies were quite unhappy.

Even today, press releases written in a proper order have a good impact on page rankings. If your press release is taken by any popular magazine or newspaper then you may get a proper customer base. Moreover, publications that are having stronger page rank can help you to boost your page ranks as well.

Press Release can be easily transformed into an Article:

The main important thing about an article is how you make it different from others. It should be in such a way that readers are tempted to read it. It should provide sufficient details that are useful to the viewers. Before issuing the press release, it is important to know whether the viewers will love to read it and will they be benefited from the content.

Quality is important. So, every single press release must be useful and reliable. Here are some points that must be considered before creating any press release:

  • News depicting launch of any new product
  • Inauguration of any new organization
  • Events organized for charitable trusts, non government organizations.
  • Achievements of your employees
  • Brief and relevant ( must be between 500-700 words)
  • First paragraph should provide a decent idea about the press release
  • Don’t create articles just to fill the space
  • Make your article as real as possible by using proper statistics, images etc
  • Check all the spellings before submitting so as to avoid any grammatical errors
  • Spelling mistakes in an article can lead to a very bad impression


Your press release should be the best chance to get noticed on the internet search engines. This can be done with the help of pertinent, succinct and error free press releases. Start writing a press release and if you feel like getting an advice then we recommend you to talk to Sydney SEO experts at Platinum SEO.