It is a general acknowledgment that SEO is tremendously vital for every online organization; however the reason behind ranking on a front page of Google is still unknown by a large community. Is it imperative for your e-commerce site to appear in search engines? Can the desired results of making your brand a popular name achieved from Melbourne SEO?

Melbourne SEO

Higher ranking leads to increased traffic and ultimately enhanced sales

It should be your top priority to optimize your website for Google as ignoring SEO can be devastating for your online business. Below mentioned are 5 best e-commerce website optimization strategies that are useful to upgrade the rank of your present website and generate the increased sale.

#strategy 1: assemble an in-house linking structure:

  • Organize everything with internal linking: as in-house links create an informational chain of command so it will be very easy for your visitors to navigate your website without much ado.
  • Internal linking facilitates Google to scrutinize your pages effortlessly: unique navigation and internal linking plan develop an easy website organizational structure that makes Google crawl your website smoothly.
  • Internal linking permits you to cross sell and up sell different products to your viewers: you can generate financial and Melbourne SEO gains by making it simple for your website visitors to get to different pages.

#strategy 2: utilize product appraisals:

The most striking element you can incorporate on your e-commerce website page is customer product review. These reviews especially positive ones not only guarantees that your product is up to the mark but also proffer active SEO value to your site as they append novel and fresh content to your pages.

Customer product reviews are highly significant bits of content to your prospective clients as they are user generated and written by genuine customers who have actually obtained the item or avail the service. This way not only your page continuously being loaded with fresh content but also because of heavy keyword content, it will significantly improve your search engine ranking.

# Strategy 3: Incorporate Schema Markup on your pages:

Schema Markup is a piece of coded HTML that informs search engines about the impression of your website on visitors before even viewing it. It is highly beneficial for local business. Results augmented by schema are more engaging and gather more clicks.

# Strategy 4: Optimize Page Speed:

In the success of your online business, the speed of your website plays an imperative role. A research was done by KISSmetrics, more than 40% people forsake a site that takes more than three seconds to open. It clearly indicates that a major part of your potential deal leaves the site before even getting a chance to see the content or product on it.

All you have to check out Pingdom and Page Speed Insights to evaluate the website’s page speed. It is vital to use some effective tools and strategies if your page is taking more than three seconds to load.

# Strategy 5: Create original product description:

E-commerce dealer utilizes product description displayed on the website of the manufacturer. This way by duplicating the similar content you not only wave a red flag at Google for an SEO penalty but also evade all possibilities of making your brand popular.

Writing unique product descriptions for a high-profile e-commerce website might be tricky and consume time but for a smaller site, writing original product descriptions are easier.


With all above mentioned strategies of online marketing you can undoubtedly raise your search ranking; however it will take some time as changes do not happen overnight.

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