Online world is full of competition. People seem to play unending games just to reach at the top and among these methods one is posting fake YouTube views. Yes, advertisers adopt this practice just to get maximum views and get noticed.

This is however unethical, very few care to avoid using it. Most of the Adwords users are seen performing such illegal techniques just to gain presence. Yes, fake views that are not actually from any viewer but from bots are posted.

Looking at the increased use of this practice, Google has decided to take action against the same and as a result, it has challenged its approach to the visitors. Now, whenever Google identifies that the advertisement or we can see video is viewed by any robot and not any human, it will charge advertisers for the same.

How Google recognized this unethical practice?

An experiment was conducted by European researchers where they uploaded videos on YouTube and then placed advertisements on those videos. Then the bots were also created to view the videos.
These robots are actually the softwares that perform the tasks on internet on behalf of human beings.

Then these bots were set to view the YouTube videos, one video was viewed for 150 times by the bots. YouTube’s public counter listed only 25 views were real and remaining of these were fake. The remaining fake views were charged by Google Adwords.

Does Google Pay Attention to Invalid Traffic?

Google takes invalid traffic very seriously and hence they have invested a good amount in the technology and team that is used to keep such traffic in control and restrict it as much as possible. Most of the invalid traffic is filtered from their systems before actually charging any penalty to the advertisers.

Strict procedure is made to restrict the unethical traffic and also the ways used by advertisers to get such traffic. However, most of the efforts are spent in controlling such fraudulent activities from various modes like traditional online advertising, banner ads and more.

Google Pay Attention to Invalid Traffic
Hence, very little attention is given to the online videos but now slowly it will also gain momentum and very soon such activities will be put on halt. Like Google levies penalties to website owners for getting wrong traffic, in the same way video owners will also be charged for having invalid traffic.

In order to control such fraudulent acts; a system is integrated in YouTube’s system for identifying fake views that outperform others as well as show chances of susceptible simple attacks.

Does YouTube Penalizes its users for Wrong Doings?

Yes, YouTube charges a sum as a penalty when it finds the users having monetized view counters as well as having fake users. It is very aggressive in such matters. Fake views are monetized as well as discounted from public view counter.

YouTube’s policy puts lots of efforts to offer compensation to the users once they find any attack and as a result, this leads to lot of risks for the advertisers who spend for the ad display.

Wind Up:

Not completely but slowly fake views are being restricted and heavily penalized by Google. This is not in affect properly but now slowly it will be a regular practice performed by Google to charge unethical users.

So, if you are performing any such practices then stay warned as yours can be the next turn!
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