Sometimes a reconsideration request might fail. This may be due to several reasons and certain mistakes site owners as well as inexperienced SEOs make.

Here, we have mentioned some of the reasons that might lead to the failure of Reconsideration request. These are as follows

Scarcity of Link Data

The most common reason for the failure of reconsideration request is lack of proper and adequate link data and every time a reconsideration request is rejected, it is seen that they lack ample amount of links. Certain URL’s are hardly recognized by the webmaster. Only webmaster’s data tool is not sufficient. Data from various resources must be combined.

It is recommended to combine the data from as many resources as possible. You can mostly assemble entire back link data from the various tools like as:

  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Bing Webmaster tools
  • Open Site explorer
  • And more…

Make sure to take necessary precautions as mentioned below while using any toxic link detection services

  • 100% clear back link data sources
  • All back link data is available
  • Use your own back link data

Use the back link data from only those websites to which you have free access. It is the most reliable way to get as much link data as you can.

Unavailability of legal information

If you are very much aware about the details of your website history then it will be very useful to you while sending a reconsideration request to Google. The mandatory website history includes the pages that were targeted using various links building campaigns, keywords of primary focus, any refrained link building techniques etc.

Get as much information as you can from your website owners and if possible collect all the information about the website before the Google Penalty occurred.


It is required to understand your present situation in a proper manner. Misinterpreting it can lead to wrong decisions. Identify the example Google Urls and find the similar ones with the similar patterns. Very less number of unnatural links are provided by Google.

So, you must search for those examples that completely explain the issue. One more thing where false interpretation can occur is inefficiency to recognize artificial links or we can say fake links.

This can be only done by the experts who have good experience of link auditing and link building. If you keep wrong links then your website rankings may drop to an extent and as a result your traffic can get reduced to an extent.

Look beyond direct links

In order to remove any penalty from certain links, you must look at all the links that are linked directly or indirectly to your website. These links must also be reviewed and all those that point to other websites must also be reviewed.

URL’s with external inbound links which are redirected as well as third party links which contain cross domain approvals to your website must also be checked. There are certain websites that buy domains and redirect them with a view to increase their website rankings. The only solution is to get rid of these redirects.

Redirect Domains

Wind Up

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are more other reasons as well that lead to the failure of reconsideration requests. Wish to learn more about these? Then stay in touch with Platinum SEO, a remarkable SEO Company Melbourne.