When Siri was started in 2010, consumers engage with the internet using their voice only, in which computer was involved in USS Enterprise. The Google’s foray into voice search is calculated and planned for years, according to the CEO of Google.

It appears to be based on the closed system owned by the Google, and it is not like an open system like websites that populate the internet on which they are built. This event was predicted more than two years ago after an acquisition of Nest. Today voice search is bigger than ever, and the number is growing continuously.

There are many problems associated with Google assistants, and you should be aware of it. The home device seeks help to users to complete the task in the real world for two-way conversation for accomplishing tasks like booking reservations. There was sluggish growth in consumer adoption of voice. This technology has gained traction as teens and adults see past as novelty and embrace the utility of Voice Search ability to answer questions and directions.

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Google takes an interest in voice search and shows that a significant percent of teens and adults feel that voice search is the future.

Problems of Voice search:

1. No data

The biggest problem of voice search is that there is no way of tracking it, gauging its impact on sale and conversion or understanding impact of organic traffic from Google. There are rumors that it provides us Voice search or conversational search or its assistant data in the search console. There is no method of obtaining data or gauging effectiveness for optimizing voice search. This change will become more transparent if Google launches the home device in the year. It is not perfect, can be picked by open data and is recognized by third party app like Adobe analytic.

2. Lack of control

Google assistant helps users to complete real world tasks, and it may not mesh well with every business model. It is taking content from publishers and using it to provide answers without having control over display and using copyrighted content. It guarantees a top spot in it and leads to more traffic in the short term. With the growth of voice search, there is a greater possibility of replacing the standard search and it may reduce traffic to a website. Rely more on advertising for surviving as it does not pose a risk to revenue. If your organic traffic were coming from stats or facts that are fair enough, Google would give answer via voice. It would increase chances of growth of voice search and bring down conversion per sales.

3. Bad branding

Relating to the conversational search and answers, Google has issues with certain brand names. It has announced no solution and allowing an app or website provides the correct pronunciation of the brand name. Learn to figure the conversion of users in a much better way.

Voice search and Google assistant used by SEO Sydney is exciting technologies as it makes your home search more immersive and delivers a great experience that is useful.

However, these also come with challenges, as marketers are ready to face and find any solution to it with the help of the Platinum SEO services.